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FINIS Swimsense Watch

FINIS Swimsense Watch Reviews

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3.5 star rating (25 Reviews)

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  • 7/19/2013 Workout Partner

    rating star By Cleon

    Use the Swimsense to keep track of how my works are going. Had a problem with the original Swim Outlet sent me a new one. Thank you
    from a 71 year old swimmer.

    Lebanon, Ohio


  • 2/1/2011 Amazing Technology to Keep Motivated in the Pool

    rating star By Samantha B.

    I swim about 2 times a week for 30 minutes, and the Swimsense helps me keep track of my laps and calories. I love it because I don't have to do anything! It knows how far I have gone and what types of strokes I am doing (I like to throw in some breaststroke, but now I know I did exactly 350 yards of it!).
    I also let my husband borrow it, and he is a bit more "elite" than me since he swam in college. He was amazed at all the information it gave, and was glued to the website where the data is uploaded and displayed.
    Great product, no flaws that I have seen yet, and easy enough to charge and upload the workout data. Worth the purchase.

    Samantha B.
    Fremont, CA


  • 12/12/2014 Hard to see

    rating star By RGM

    It is hard to see the display. It only tracks 4 types of strokes.

    San Antonio


  • 10/19/2014 Unhappy with product and sent it back for credit

    rating star By Whitesnooze

    Small letters on a matte face crystal make the watch illegible in all but the best of lighting. The battery icon kept showing only half charge even after extended cradle charging time. I never was able to download all the swims I had to my computer even though the software seemed to install correctly and the swim start button didn't always capture at the beginning of my swim. In all I was impressed with the advertised features but unimpressed with the product.

    Beverly Hills 90210


  • 6/12/2014 Accurate! Great Product!

    rating star By SwimBoy

    Pros: I've tries all the swim watches and this one is the most accurate. It never miscounts laps! All the others I tried had miscounts. It also allows you to customize pool sizes down to 16 meters. Some of the others couldn't go down to this length.

    Cons: Wish the display was LARGER. Most of the time you are trying to look at the display in the water and it would be great if it was super large.
    Wish the website where the data gets uploaded was more robust. Would like to be able to export all data (not one at a time) or look at data summarized between dates (not only all date for all time).

    Long Island, NY


  • 5/10/2014 Nice but ...

    rating star By Allen

    This is a great tool.

    But ...  It is hard to read. I am an old guy, seeing the watch face a night is very difficult. It's a shame.

    This watch because of the data it provides and the ease to track what I am doing makes swimming more fun and allows me to challenge myself.

    Reading about the other similar devices, leads me to believe that this one is better.  

    I should be able to read the display, without holding it in bright light and removing my goggles.

    Buy it, ....  

    Come on Finis -

    I would be willing to spend more $'s to be able to read it better. It seems to be built to save on cost.



  • 3/26/2014 needs work

    rating star By WFA

    I agree - doesn't identify strokes correctly, WAY TO sensitive connection, doesn't download consistently After an inordinate amount of time on the tele I was emailed "repairs" to upload - now it won't even turn on. I use a lap counter worn on your index finger. It doesn't identify your stroke, but neither did the swimsense. I'll definitely buy another Swimsense when all of the bugs have been fumigated.

    Nashville, TN


  • 2/12/2014 Piece of Junk

    rating star By Loves gadgets that work

    I don't understand how anyone rated this a good product. The lap count is inaccurate most of the time. The numbers are really hard to see. The software does not always work. Don't waste your money.

    Loves gadgets that work
    Boston, MA


  • 4/12/2013 Nice, But Durability A Question

    rating star By Jack

    After a year and a quarter I have found that the Swimsense's stroke and distance tracking, especially with the several software updates, to be quite good, and the new website/interface to be very useful.  (Though uploads later in the evening sometimes seem to be blocked.)  My big gripe is that the watch band is not replaceable and even before the first year was up the holes in the band started to tear.  Now the two sets of holes I can use are almost completely torn through and I've noticed that the band is cracking/tearing on both sides up near the watch itself.  Because I also run from time to time and do some open water swimming, I decided to replace the Swimsense with the Garmin 910 GPS watch, but that's at a whole different price point (and has a replaceable band).



  • 3/15/2013 Great concept and watch, cheap materials

    rating star By Andrea

    I have only great things to say about the Swimsense functionality, both the software on the watch and the newly re-designed online app. I had it for over a year.
    The problems I had are with the materials: first the loop that holds the free end of the strap broke, Finis sent two replacements. Then the strap broke - the hole were I was locking the clasp just wore out and cut through the next hole. Finis replaced the watch. On the new watch same problem with the strap. Now water got inside and the buttons on the left no longer work, maybe it will dry. Still, just too many problems with the materials.

    NEw York


  • 1/11/2013 Very Good and gets even better

    rating star By Michael B.

    Having purchased lap counting watches over the past 15 years, one gets to realize that besides being able to record laps and times, there are a number of operational features that are just as important.
     It contains a rechargeable battery; regular batteries/gaskets have a limited life  
     Periodic software updates continue to make it even better
     You can format your own read-out screens that show what you want.
     Just upload your results and see graphic images
     It's hands-free once you push off until you finish your workout - uncanny

    I've been using this watch for almost 2 years. They just came out with new (free) software for the uploads with improved graphs, and ease-of-use and overall design is on the money.

    The only thing I would like to see is a blue tooth ability to upload.

    Michael B.
    Old Greenwich, CT


  • 11/6/2012 Very nice.

    rating star By Michael W.

    I've used this watch for 2 weeks now, and have to say its one of the best birthday gifts. The lap counter alone has been reason enough to have one. But there are so many other functions that have already helped my swimming. The 25 yard breakdowns and dps are great training aids. The software let's the user see all the workout info in graph form or tabular. So nice.

    Michael W.
    Fredericksburg, TX


  • 6/22/2012 Way better than using your mind to count

    rating star By Harley

    This nifty device works in my case to largely replace the constant effort to remember what lap I'm on or how much time I am doing.  As a result, after I finally let go of mentally counting, I found I could really free up to work on other things, or nothing.  Pretty different.  I just wish I could read it better without my glasses, which, of course, I don't use whilst training.  Overall I'd give it an A.

    Chappaqua, NY


  • 3/28/2012 Great Idea

    rating star By Joe F.

    I swim about 55 miles a month in different sized pools, and have used it on almost every swim so far this year.  It counts laps correctly, I have had no problem with that.  You do have to configure the watch to the pool, and as you do, it converts laps to distance in meters or yards, and when you stop it provides lots of data such as average 100 (yards or metrers) time.  I enjoy being able to review the data from the watch and the various outputs it gives.  It is a great idea, and frees the swijmmer from tedious counting, I can now listen to my swim player and not worry about counting laps.  The downside - I am on my second watch.  The first one, has failed.  I have asked for assistance through Finis, and not gotten any replies.  The watch routinely failed to connect to my computer to download data, to the point it now has no display at all, so I don't know if the watch is running, though I can get it to be recognized on my computer, so I know it is doing something.  My second watch, which I got through SwimOutlet, has had no problem at all.  It connects, it counts, it displays and is a lot of fun, particularly when I trade info with swimming buddies.  I'd have given this a higher rating, had my first watch not failed, or I had gotten some help from Finis.  I liked it enough to try another one, and have been, so far, satisfied.  If this one fails, then I will be sorely disappointed, and am hoping it continues to operate properly.  I really don't want to count laps again. Finis continues to provide free updates to software, and notifies you everytime you upload  data, which is a plus.  I'd have just liked to have been told my first one was a lemon, as opposed to silence on the other end.

    Joe F.
    Burnsville, MN


  • 3/16/2012 I love this thing

    rating star By Jody L.

    I am by no means the fastest swimmer but I am improving.  This watch gives me the motivation I need.  After my workouts I can hardly wait to upload the data and see how I did.  There are so many things to measure and it's fun and easy.  When you know your intervals are being timed and measured, it pushes you to do well.  Being lazy will show up to haunt you later as you look over the data.
    It's very user friendly.  I find it MUCH easier than the previous watch I had from a different company.
    Can't say enough about this.  I love it!

    Jody L.
    Smithville, MO


  • 2/8/2012 Wildcat Masters Swimmer

    rating star By Steffi

    I have used this watch now for about a week and I love it.  It is a bit difficult to read on land and in the water.  If there was some way that the company could move the wording on the sides closer to the centre out from under the lip of the edge of the watch, this would help.  I find looking at it underwater helps to magnify the letters a bit but not much.  Hooking it up to my Mac is as easy as it can go.  The watch's  buttons are very sensitive but when I am not using the watch, I leave it lying face up and on the straps away from other items that might bump into it.  Also, when I go to use it, on the day, I put it on with my suit at home and don't take it off until I am about to load the data up on my computer.  I have not had a problem with it switching on on its own sense.  These are not necessarily flaws if your aware of what triggers these problems.  The unit is sensitive so handle with a lot of care; is my finding.  The unit has been very helpful in providing insight into my swimming habits, good and bad.  If your a person that gets a kick out of top performance with the least amount of energy, this is the watch to help you reach your goals.  It is also helpful to be able to inform your coach of your split times from the comfort of your laptop.  Gathering this data is so much easier than remember what time you took off on the pool clock and remembering, once you get the water out of your goggles to look at the clock again.  With my eyes shut I can hit the stop swim button and record a truer time.   I am a bit concerned about the watch strap.  These types of straps do not do well with constant chlorine exposure and they will in time almost melt.  It would be nice to have the watch with a band that could be replaced with another or even jury rigged if the occasion arose.  Replacing a watch to fix a watch band does not make good business sense.  If your planning on swimming for the rest of your life, get this watch.

    Lexington, KY


  • 1/30/2012 Love it

    rating star By Chris

    The beta version is awesome in that you can build screens to show what data you want to show.  The watch keeps track of laps, type of stroke, distance covered per stroke and stroke counts among others.  Only issue I had is that after a short time the band started to tear.  Swim outlet sent me a new one- since that time I have not had any difficulties.



  • 7/16/2011 Very Cool!

    rating star By Robert P.

    I use this for triathlon practice and it works as advertised. It is really amazing how it records the different strokes on it's own. Button use during sets is a little confusing and I have swam dozens of laps thinking it was recording when in fact it was paused but that's user error.

    Robert P.
    Brandon, MS


  • 4/29/2011 Swimsense watch

    rating star By Swimliz

    I am a master's program swimmer, age 52. I thought this would be fabulous for keeping track of the workout because though I have a coach sometimes I lose track of the amount of yardage we have done.
    I really wanted this watch to work well. But I find it inaccurate by a lot for distance swam. It needs to be paused for kick and drill sets also. The band to hold the strap broke after one use and now I use a hair tie. I am thinking of returning it.

    Los Osos California


  • 4/23/2011 Nice, but needs work

    rating star By Chazz

    Works pretty well, however, doesn't always connect well to dock for charging and data upload.
    No Back Light and hard to read numbers - Kudos to SwimOutlet for turning me on to a 7+dollar bi-focal goggle - problem solved.
    The Watch thinks my freestyle is backstoke about 25% of the time and can not be post edited.
    The Watch tells terrible time.  It will be off by 10 minuted in just 2 days.
    All in all, these are small, but, programmable fixes in the future I think.  The lap counting and interval feedback really overcomes the faults.  Still worth the purchase.

    West Palm Beach, Florida


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