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H2O Audio Surge 2.0

H2O Audio Surge 2.0 Reviews

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3 star rating (15 Reviews)

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  • 6/11/2013 Great product, but...

    rating star By Jill

    It's a great product, but I wish they held up longer.  I've been using this item for a while now, and I've needed to purchase two pairs in the matter of one year, since the audio stopped playing on the one side.   And since it's not an inexpensive piece of equipment ($50 + at a pop), again, they should hold up better.

    New Jersey


  • 4/25/2013 Work well for lap swimmers!

    rating star By Adel

    These are by far the best underwater ear plugs for listening to your tunes.  The set includes several different sizes of plugs to give you the best fit.  I am a small female so I ended up using the x-small size.  I have not found any plugs that work all the time, but these do a good job and the sound quality is quite good.  I give a thumbs up on these and will buy them again when the time comes.

    Greensboro, GA


  • 6/29/2012 Doesn't stay in ear

    rating star By B




  • 6/28/2012 Great Gift

    rating star By eagle312

    My wife has the life proof case for here IPhone so she wanted to get a set of waterproof ear buds. As soon as she opened this set she went right to the tub to test them out. And guess what? they work great!!! I would get this set for anyone with a life proof case.

    Orlando, Fl


  • 6/26/2012 Great Waterproof Headphones

    rating star By Leslie

    I've used these headphones about 5 or 6 times in the pool for lap swimming with the H20 waterproof iPod armband.  I really like them.  My only issue with these is that you have to have a swim cap to keep them in place.  They have great sound quality, and inter-changeable silicone buds.  They come with medium buds installed but I needed the extra small buds to be comfortable for my ears.  I did find the best way to insert these so that they don't leak water is to pull up on the top of your ear and then press them inside.  Works great!



  • 6/19/2012 Love These Headphones!!!!!

    rating star By Heather

    They are truly waterproof! Love them! Would buy other products!

    Hicksville, NY


  • 5/8/2012 Great Product!

    rating star By Liz T.

    I have only used these earbuds a few times with my waterproof iPod nano from Waterfi but absolutely love the quality sounds while I'm swimming! I have swam a few miles with these earbuds in and have not had any problems. They were definitely worth the extra bucks! The varying sizes of earbuds assures a perfect fit and the cord/jack attaches perfectly to my waterproof iPod nano. I would definitely buy these again, but I don't think I will have to for a long while!

    Liz T.
    Glencoe, MN


  • 3/6/2012 Did not last long

    rating star By Ranae

    I used them for swimming in a pool.  At first the sound  seemed muffled but  I attributed that to the water getting in my ears becase they do not stay in very well.  Then about 3 weeks into using them the right side stopped working.  I do not recommend them at all.

    New Jersey


  • 2/3/2012 H2o Audio Surge

    rating star By monica g.

    What a waste of money, tried these and the earphones do not stay in your ear even with the swim cap over them.  I ended up buying the Finis bone conduction MP3 palyer and I love it, no things to stick in your ears, and no strings attached.  I Purchased this after reading the reviews, and was so disappointed.  However now I can swim in peace with my new Finis bone conduction mp3 player.

    monica g.
    Brentwood, CA


  • 1/13/2012 H20 Audio Surge 2.0

    rating star By Carol Webb

    They lasted one week in the ocean.

    Carol Webb
    Redondo Beach, CA


  • 9/27/2011 On third pair still fade out

    rating star By Landis

    I am on my third pair and all three have gone the same route first left side stops working then the right slowly fades out and then stops working.  So you are left with a fairly good ear plug but no music.

    Golden, CO


  • 9/27/2011 LOVE THEM

    rating star By swimmer girl

    I use H20 Audio Surge  2.0 for swimming laps three times a week. I swim about a mile to a mile and a half. So far this pair has been a really nice headphones for me. This will be my third pair I have gotten and so for they have been the best! I know that they will not last over a year, no pair really does. That is just the way it goes with headphones that go underwater! But the sound on this  pair is really nice, my last pair not so much (which were the same brand). I hear a lot of people saying about how they don't stay in their ear very well, I haven't had that problem. I just use a swim cap and tuck it all inside and it stays just fine.

    swimmer girl
    Albuquerque, NM


  • 8/24/2011 Nice

    rating star By Bob B.

    works well

    Bob B.
    Woodridge, IL


  • 2/5/2011 Great Sound

    rating star By Thea

    I wish I could say great things but I use these buds because I can't seem to find anything else that is better. I swim in a pool everyday for 1 hour. That's 30 hours a month and then I need a new pair. They short out and loose volume. I just bought the sportwrap and today used it for the 2nd time. They started cutting in and out before I  even got in the pool. Michael Phelps swims with this brand. That's one reason I bought them. Hmm.......wonder how long they last for him. I wish somebody could invent the earbuds that really deliver. I've also tried Finis. I took them back because they sounded cheap compared to the H2 Audio.



  • 12/7/2010 Good Product

    rating star By Jonathan

    I can see why some people are saying they have a hard time with them coming out.  I have to use my goggles strap to keep them in my ears.  As long as you use the correct size ear pieces (comes with small to XL) they stay in about 85% of the time, with goggle strap 100%.  They sound really good, and it’s nice to swim with music.



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