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TYR Triathlon Hydrovision Swim Mask

TYR Triathlon Hydrovision Swim Mask Reviews

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3 star rating (28 Reviews)

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  • 12/23/2014 Works great!

    4 Review stars By Mr Quick

    I purchased these goggles so I wouldn't come back from my lunch break with goggle eyes.  I can now return from lunch and walk into the meeting with confidence without looking like a raccoon.  The goggles are easy to adjust and don't leak, what more do you want.

    Mr Quick
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 7/22/2014 started out great but got filled with mold -bad design

    2 Review stars By Julie

    liked the comfortable fit - wanted an alternative in the eye socket fits and this was it with great visibility too.
    ---within about 2 months of 3-5 times a week lap swimming ,I noticed a black color forming in the corners of these and a moldy smell.  it was black mold that I could not clean out. These are designed with a plastic fitting that forms the outer seal and the way it fits to the goggle itself there is no easy way to get the moisture out under the seal. i threw these away!



  • 6/5/2014 no raccoon eyes

    3 Review stars By Mary

    This is my second pair of this particular goggle.  I like that I don't have the raccoon eyes that I get with the more traditional goggles for racing.  I wear these strictly for workouts, not competition.  They do leak sometimes, but that is preferable to the discomfort of smaller goggles and rings around my eyes.

    upstate New York


  • 7/20/2016 Good Vision, But Tend to be Leaky

    3 Review stars By n4wdx

    I swim open water distance. Even when well-settled on your face, these goggles tend to displace easily when getting slapped in choppy water-- just enough to gradually admit water. Also, same thing if you're in a pool and doing flip turns.

    San Antonio


  • 7/24/2015 No Longer Good Swim Goggles

    1 Review stars By Swimming Camille

    I used to order TYR swim goggles and they were terrific.  I recently ordered 2 of the TYR Triathlon Hydrovision Swim Masks and both leaked the first time I tried them.  No matter how I adjusted them they leaked badly.  Too bad because they used to be great!  Hopefully TYR will go back to their old style and make a quality product like they used to.

    Swimming Camille
    Indio, CA


  • 4/5/2015 Great larger goggles

    4 Review stars By Doc Shock

    Because of eye surgery, I needed a goggle that did not create suction around each eye socket, as most competition goggles do. This goggle is comfortable, clear, creates a very good seal on the outside of the eye sockets, and works well, even diving in and doing flip turns. The fit was better for me than others I tried.

    Doc Shock
    Corona del Mar, CA


  • 2/4/2014 Great swim googles!

    5 Review stars By Francis Oliver Lynn

    Fits well around the eyes, no water gets in, good visibility, easy to adjust, made with good strong materials and they look great.

    Francis Oliver Lynn
    Princeton, NJ


  • 9/27/2012 Disappointing

    1 Review stars By Mike

    I bought this swim mask to use in a pool as a substitute for swim goggles, and I have not liked it at all.  While the vision through it is good, the mask is small.  When I wear it with normal tension or at all loose, it quickly fills up with water.  When I tighten it up, the mask begins to creep up my forehead and then begins leaking again.  I can't swim more than 2 or 3 lengths without stopping and readjusting. So, I've moved back to normal swim goggles.

    English, IN


  • 4/27/2017 Excellent but leaks

    4 Review stars By Dr. K

    This is an excellent, well designed product.  For me, though, they leak water and do not seal water tight.  This may be due to the shape of my face, but, I have to mention this.

    Dr. K
    Orlando,m FL


  • 4/4/2017 This is not for adults, too small.

    1 Review stars By john Y

    Googles too small, water always go in. useless product.

    john Y
    cerritos, ca


  • 3/27/2017 Are these kids? Did I misread the listing?

    1 Review stars By SarahN

    These goggles barely fit my five year old's face. They are entirely too small to fit my face.

    Oakland, CAQ


  • 8/21/2016 Straps

    4 Review stars By Sherry

    Straps are threaded backwards. You don't want the free end flapping on the outside!



  • 1/11/2015 Good fit and working well

    4 Review stars By MM in Can

    Happy with it so far, hope it lasts a good long time.

    MM in Can
    Canton, Oh


  • 1/4/2015 poor goggle purchase

    1 Review stars By Dallasswimmer

    cheaply made,leaked at the lens insert on the first use,absolute turd in a box



  • 4/4/2014 Too small

    1 Review stars By MQ

    Very small - I aktually dobbelt checked if it was a junior size!

    Virginia Beach


  • 1/25/2014 leaky, uncomfortable

    1 Review stars By maggi f.

    Got these to try to avoid those all-day goggle lines on my face.  Initially when I put them on I could tell the seal wasn't great, but after much adjustment it felt better and I attempted to swim.  The field of vision was fantastic- until I finished 25m and had one eye full of water, then both full as I finished a 50.  Tried several more adjustments with no luck, and had to go back to the trusty old goggles and hours of raccoon eyes.

    maggi f.
    austin, TX


  • 8/19/2013 Very nice!

    5 Review stars By Linda

    Nice, durable, clear, good fit, good price.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 2/18/2013 Can't get a seal every time

    3 Review stars By Christine R.

    I am in training with Team In Training for my first Triathlon and I decided to get these as an alternative to my other goggles. I have been able to get a quality seal on them once and was able to swim for about 20 minutes solid but then I had an issue with fog. When I took them off and cleaned them then I couldn't get the seal back. I will try a few more times, but if wont be something I would recommend a team mate and I won't be wearing it on race day.

    Christine R.
    Pasco, WA


  • 2/15/2013 Don't like these goggles

    1 Review stars By Roland the swimmer

    Smaller than I thought and did not fit well.  I was looking for a larger goggle such as one might use for triathalons.  Those types of goggles fit me well because I have a large head.  This doesn't fit well and I don't like it.

    Roland the swimmer


  • 5/19/2012 Love the goggles

    5 Review stars By martee g.

    I wear these for lap swimming.  They keep water out and I don't have the "raccoon" eyes after I'm done.

    martee g.
    Bettendorf, IA


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