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Barracuda Defogger 0.5oz

Barracuda Defogger 0.5oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (41 Reviews)

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    rating star By Anna

    I put a drop in each cup just before I leave the change room. Buff it with the corner of my towel (takes all of 25 seconds).
    No fog the entire 1-2 hours in the pool. I usually don't take them off during kick, though I don't remember them fogging up when I do. As long as you don't get the insides wet, it is perfect. Plus who needs to take their goggles off when you can see through them?!?!

    This stuff. Is actually worth it's weight in gold. If I forgot it at home, I'd actually be tempted to just not go swimming, that's what a difference this stuff makes!


    St. John''s, Newfoundland


  • 5/6/2013 finally a product that works

    rating star By Jeffrey P.

    I use one drop on each lens of my swim goggles when they're clean and dry spread the gel out and let dry then buff with a soft cloth the night before swimming  I get 2-3 days with one application fog free, its nice to see the end of the pool or another swimmer  while lap swimming often sharing a lane

    Jeffrey P.
    Rapid City, SD


  • 3/10/2013 works like a charm

    rating star By Beth

    It works great - even in the coolest water.  One application lasts at least a week for me.  Love it.

    Center Valley, PA


  • 12/17/2012 Really Nice Long-Term Anti-fog

    rating star By Jonny Pang

    - You can apply this anti-fog the night before whatever it is you need anti-fog for. For example, if you have swim practice the next day, applying it the night before works perfectly, dry by the time you use the goggles.

    - What's really nice about this anti-fog is that it can last 2 days instead of the typical 1-day use.

    - Instructions are on the back of the bottle so you don't have to worry about that. You just put one drop of this thick stuff onto each of your lens and spread it.

    - See other reviews about applying it right before your event. I'm not sure about eye irritation or quick effectiveness because my applications are always dry by the time I use them.

    Jonny Pang
    Ann Arbor, MI


  • 3/9/2012 Outstanding!

    rating star By shawn

    I swim 1 mile a day.  On average i could make it 3 laps/6 lengths before my goggles would fog slightly and at about 10 laps/20 lengths they would fog to the point where i can barely make out the markers on the pool bottom(just see enough to do my laps).

    I received the defogger. Did exactly what the directions said to do one drop on each lens and wiped them down with a microfiber towel.  I swam 33 laps/66 lengths before even the slightest bit of fogging.  At the end of the mile there was only a tiny bit of fog at the outer edges of the lens.

    I swim in 1/2 mile sets and only took the goggles off once for 1 minute and dunked them before putting them back on then finished my workout.

    I am in LOVE with this product and will definitely buy more as long as it continues to perform.

    temple hills , MD


  • 6/5/2014 Not cool, so not cool.

    rating star By Monica

    Like many swimmers, I have several goggles.  Clear for swims on foggy days (yes, I swim outdoors), dark for very sunny afternoons, and a couple others in different colors and tint.  They vary in age and wear.  I got the Defogger and decided to do a quick application to them all at the same time.  Turns out, baaaaaaaaad idea!  It did help with my old clear goggles, but the newer ones?  Now look terrible!  It seems that if there is any antifog coating still in your goggles, this defogger pretty much ruins them.  So now, I have 3 fairly new goggles that I really liked that are basically useless.  To say the least, I'm pissed.

    Huntington Beach, CA


  • 10/2/2013 Beat ever

    rating star By sonya p.

    These are the best de-fogging drops I have ever used

    sonya p.
    Riverside, CA


  • 11/18/2012 Defogger

    rating star By Shirley

    Worked as advertised. Very satisfied.

    Huntsville, TX


  • 9/22/2012 my favorite

    rating star By Carol E.

    I use this defogger after every swim. It works perfectly. No complaints at all. Just takes a drop.

    Carol E.
    Port aransas, TX


  • 9/8/2012 anti fog

    rating star By jim,

    works well ,I use it every time.



  • 8/23/2012 Fantastic

    rating star By TL

    I can't believe how well this works! It keeps the fog away through long workouts. You do have to reapply every time you swim.

    Northeast US


  • 7/2/2012 Great Product

    rating star By DDD

    This really helps eliminate fog build-up on goggles during a swim.  The only thing that would make it better would be clearer instructions on how to apply the product and how much.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 2/5/2012 Works Great

    rating star By Lisa Lisa

    My mom and I have been swimming for about four years now. This seems to work better than any of the other products we've tried. We tried applying it after our swim so our goggles would be ready to go, but we ended up with fogging. When we use it right before we swim it works great. No fogging at all. We just apply one drop on each goggle lens and rub with a soft lens cloth. We got one bottle to try it out and now we're ordering a second bottle so we each have one. Our goggles are a couple years old and it works just fine.

    Lisa Lisa


  • 12/23/2010 Best defogger

    rating star By Blackberry Jam

    This is the first defogger I tried five years ago when I started back swimming.  I thought it was pretty good, but figured there might be something better.  There isn't.  I have tried several other brands.  One made my eyes sting.  Two didn't work at all.  This one is easy to use.  No rinsing and most practices it lasts for the full 90 minutes.  I even used it for a three hour swim an it kept on working.

    Blackberry Jam


  • 4/28/2010 Good defogger

    rating star By Karen

    Favorite defogger.  It doesn't sting like some.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/30/2016 Amazing

    rating star By Anna

    Ive been swimming competitively for almost 9 years and this is the first defogger ive found thats actually worked! I swim up to 16 hours a week and use it before each practice and my goggles stay clear. I put a drop in each lense before my races (500, 1000, 1650) and my goggles are fog free the entire race. Amazing product!

    Baltimore, MD


  • 12/4/2015 Best defogging product, have used for many years.

    rating star By WN

    Never have had fogging issue regardless of water temperature or goggles used.

    Long Island, NY


  • 10/25/2015 Like Magic

    rating star By T

    This stuff is amazing. Just one little drop in each lens and you're good to go. I usually put a drop in the night before and rub it away with a towel and the next day I can see clearly. I've avoided getting water in them after I do this. Not exactly sure if it would ruin it, but why take the chance. You really can't go wrong with this and you'll love having no fog.

    St. Louis, MO


  • 9/9/2015 It works

    rating star By HLR

    One drop works good!



  • 8/28/2015 Works Great

    rating star By MarieDet

    Very pleased with this item, especially after having paid extra money for swim goggles that were supposed to be fog resistent and they ended up not at all fog resistant.  

    But using this on them makes them perfectly fog resistant for about a week.



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