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Timex 1440 Sports Watch - Mid Size

Timex 1440 Sports Watch - Mid Size Reviews

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4.5 star rating (104 Reviews)

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  • 10/14/2014 My 9 year old son loves it!

    5 Review stars By Bobby

    My 9 year old son loves it!

    Charlotte, NC


  • 8/10/2013 love ths

    4 Review stars By Samantha B.

    I am a lifeguard and use this watch everyday.  The water does NOT get inside it.  I like the glow in the dark feature as well.  I will say that the face does get easily scratched in my line of work.  Overall this is a great product especially for the price.

    Samantha B.
    Blackwood, NJ


  • 10/4/2010 Cool watch

    5 Review stars By ItsMe

    I bought this watch for when I can't see the clock at the pool, and the pace clock isn't running. I don't plan on wearing it in the pool (that would annoy me), but I attach it to my water bottle so I can see it once I touch the wall.

    It has great features for such a cheap watch. The only thing that annoys me is that once the timer gets to 30 minutes, it goes from 29:59 with the hundredths of seconds really small up above, to 00:30, with the seconds really small up above. That makes it hard to quickly see how much time something took me. To get around that, I think I will reset the timer once it gets close to :30.



  • 3/18/2014 Awesome Buy

    5 Review stars By swimkeg

    I wear it everyday to school and clinic. Easy to put on, take off, use, and clean. Very comfortable.

    New Orleans, LA


  • 3/1/2014 pretty but hard to read

    2 Review stars By Fitness pro

    I just wish a sports watch that fits a small wrist could have a large time display. Just because someone has a tiny wrist doesn't mean they have tiny eyes.

    Fitness pro
    Winter Park, FL


  • 10/9/2013 Too small

    3 Review stars By philip l.

    Price is reasonable.  But it was too small for my 11 year son.  End up gave it to my 7 year old daughter.

    philip l.
    Bensalem, P a


  • 8/15/2013 Nice Watch

    5 Review stars By Ricki D.

    This watch is a very nice size for my small wrist.  It would probably work well for a child, also.  It does what I need it to do, nothing fancy.  There are watches with more features out there, but for the price, this one is great!

    Ricki D.
    Wilmington, DE


  • 6/14/2013 Love this little beauty!

    5 Review stars By Mickey W.

    I bought this watch because it was a Timex, was waterproof and was such a pretty color, just the color that I needed as much of the rest of my gear will be purple as well.  This too, was purchased for my 2 week canoe trip that I am taking down the Hudson River this summer. It is just wonderful and I am so glad that I purchased it and the price was amazing as well!  I don't have to worry about getting it wet and will still look good!

    Mickey W.
    Albany, NY


  • 4/30/2013 Perfect Kid's Watch

    5 Review stars By Mom

    We bought this watch for our 9 year old son who has started running 5 and 10Ks. This was the perfect size for him and helps him pace himself. He hasn't taken it off since we gave it to him.  He is small so I was looking for something that would fit his wrest. This watch has been prefect for him. He loves it and I loved the price.

    Woodbridge, CA


  • 4/23/2013 Nice

    4 Review stars By Juan R.

    I bought it for my son, and he really likes it, the size is great.

    Juan R.
    HOUSTONston, TX


  • 4/10/2013 Great value for reliable, basic watch

    5 Review stars By lmr4524

    I don't like big, chunky sports watches, wanted something I could wear in the pool for fitness laps, and didn't want to spend a lot of money on complex features I wouldn't use. I got the pink/grey, which is a cute combination with just a little pop of color, and the basic timing features and Timex durability are perfect for me. Very glad I purchased it, and love SwimOutlet!

    Cincinnati, OH


  • 3/14/2013 Nice watch, good value

    4 Review stars By SwimMom

    Purchased for my 10 yr old daughter. She wears it to practice. It doesn't count laps, but does have a stop watch feature.  Haven't had this item long enough to determine if the watch will hold up to daily wear.  It's cute though and fits my daughter well.

    Kansas City


  • 2/13/2013 Good watch for the price

    5 Review stars By reallypickyaboutthings

    Easy to set, seemingly durable so far and doesn't make my wrist all sweaty. I would definitely buy again.

    Boone, NC


  • 12/11/2012 Did not work

    1 Review stars By Mari

    Did not work when I tried to set the time.  The hour would change but the minutes would not get out of the 40-50 min range (if that makes sense).  It was just weird and not working right.  I went over and over the directions and was doing exactly what it said, and still didn't work.  So I simply returned it.

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 10/1/2012 light, easy to read, sturdy, good buy

    3 Review stars By m

    nice runner's watch- clear and easy to read, shock resistant
    I've had a number of similar Timex watches, the wrist band tends to wear out before the battery
    But so inexpensive!
    This model is particularly challenging to set the date, day of the week and alarm...which seems a totally avoidable annoyance

    Brooklyn, NY


  • 8/13/2012 Loves this watch, love the functions, color, light weight, water proof

    5 Review stars By Nancy L.

    I swim and bike 4-5 days a week. Ive been using this watch for 2 weeks and love love love it. The stop watch, alarm and timer i use daily! Love that it keeps time in a second time zone, convineint when travel. Some people have problems with water proof, i have not. Mine works perfect in the pool and on dry land. Be careful not to press buttons while immerged in water, thats how people screw up the water seal. Love it!

    Nancy L.
    Midland, MI


  • 6/21/2012 disappointed

    2 Review stars By K. S.

    I was very excited to get a waterproof watch since I work at a pool. Unfortunately, just one week after wearing the watch it started to film up even out of the water when the weather was hot and humid. Not sure if it is worth it to send it back.  I really like the stopwatch feature since I am a runner, but the filming up makes it hard to read.

    K. S.
    Tribune, KS


  • 8/18/2011 almost 3 years

    5 Review stars By vic

    I have had my Ironman Timex for almost 3 years and cracked the face swimming in the Gatorman last year in La Jolla.  Am looking for a watch that can match up.  I push the buttons all the time,  in the water, and have never had any problems put almost 300 miles on this watch (swimming).  I did not get the 1440 but think that for what I need the 1440 will work for me.  I am not really concerned with price under a 100.00 but hope to have a reliable watch.  I bought the Ironman that has the Heart monitor on it and it was not the best choice for the water because sometimes the monitor kicks in and I can hear it beeping in the water.  But it has been the best water watch I have ever owned even though that happens.  Even after it cracked it still worked without getting water in it for one more year, thanks Timex.

    Las Vegas


  • 1/13/2011 Glad I got it.

    4 Review stars By Sheila M.

    It was difficult to set. I had to have our golf pro do it. Also date is small.

    Sheila M.
    Naples, FL


  • 12/29/2010 Sporty, simple and perfect for personal use

    4 Review stars By Alison

    The Timex 1440 is just what I needed to not only keep time but time my runs.  The band is very comfortable, so sweat is not an issue.  It is easy to read as well.  

    This is probably not a watch choice for those doing multiple workouts and/or timing multiple people.  And, the green is not really green but teal.

    Orinda, CA


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