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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Blue Lens

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Blue Lens Reviews

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4.5 star rating (35 Reviews)

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  • 6/13/2014 Great goggle

    5 Review stars By A. Schnatter

    Worth a little more money, fits great, comfortable.

    A. Schnatter
    Clinton, NJ


  • 7/25/2013 comfy

    5 Review stars By lap swimmer

    they are comfortable and they work

    lap swimmer


  • 6/5/2013 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By Liane M.

    I lap swim twice a week and these goggles are extremely comfortable and easy to adjust.  Well worth the extra money.

    Liane M.
    Thunder Bay, ON


  • 4/4/2013 Awesome

    5 Review stars By Paul C.

    The best brand

    Paul C.
    Madison Township, PA


  • 2/25/2013 Lap swimmer

    5 Review stars By Wooj

    I am a lap swimmer and I have a big head!  These are the most comfortable and provide a wide angle of view and seal perfectly.  What else is there?

    Phoenix AZ


  • 12/8/2012 The best, by far

    5 Review stars By Slow swimmer

    These are the best goggles that I've ever purchased - by far.  I have been using them for over two years in pool and open water swimming.  The fiield of vision is good, but the best features are being leak proof, almost no fog and overall comfort.  I've never had a strap break with these goggles.  I find they work best for about 3-4 months of heavy use then they will develop some slight leaking.  I guess it may be due to chlorine deteriorating the material slightly.  I have tried all three lens shades and find the blue tint to be the best all around color in varying conditions.  The dark charcoal are quite dark and only good in the brightest conditions.  Clear are obviously good for indoor use.

    Slow swimmer
    Philadelphia, PA


  • 8/23/2012 nice googles, not too tight

    4 Review stars By Pam L.

    nice googles that don't fit really tightly and leave big marks on your face.  however, they don't last forever -- maybe 9 mo before they start leaking.

    Pam L.
    Tucson, AZ


  • 7/19/2012 Leaked

    2 Review stars By Ralfie

    These were stylish and made with quality materials and workmanship.  I liked the blue strap and blue lenses.  However, they leaked, so they were quickly useless to me.  I couldn't quite figure out how & where the water was coming in.  I returned them.

    Maynard, MA


  • 6/19/2012 Good googles

    5 Review stars By Ubuntu Freak

    I have been using Seals in the past. I picked this up in my last order so I could get free shipping on a different item. I used them in a triathlon last weekend and was very impressed. I will now use them as my race goggles

    Ubuntu Freak
    Pickens, SC


  • 6/13/2012 Best Fit

    5 Review stars By jerroldloo

    My eyes are not hurting from too much pressure when tightening.  so far no leaks. Very comfortable for people with Asian facial features.  I've used several different goggles that had different problems including masks.  I am a 79 yr old training for the SR Games and this has been a wonderful asset.  I have yet to test it for diving into the pool on start up but believe they will be okay the way it fits. Like the way the goggles seal individually around each eye and not across the nose.



  • 5/27/2012 Waste of money

    1 Review stars By Alex A.

    I tried these goggles in the pool (US Navy swimmer) and they just would not stick to my face. Aqua Sphere is a hit or a miss and this one a definite miss. A total waste of money.

    Alex A.
    Staten Island, NY


  • 5/22/2012 perfect fit

    5 Review stars By jchasen

    Great fit, they worked perfectly the first time and no leaks.

    Longmdeadow, MA


  • 5/20/2012 Woul not stick!

    1 Review stars By alex a.

    I took these goggles to the pool (US Navy swimmer) and they just would not stick to my face! I tried for about an hour and a half and finally gave up. Complete waste of money.

    alex a.
    staten island, NY


  • 1/11/2012 Very comfortable goggles

    5 Review stars By Francine V.

    I am a masters swimmer in the pool 3-4 times per week. These goggles are great. Excellent visibility and very comfortable. Because of the shape I don't get the normal goggle eyes that you get with other goggles.

    Francine V.
    Burnaby, BC


  • 9/11/2011 Aqua Sphere Kayenne

    4 Review stars By non-pro but picky

    Fast shipping at a great price.

    The goggles are a great fit in that:
    - they are low profile (relatively flat and streamlined)
    - have two separate seals for each eye.

    Point 2 is important because separate eye seal/gaskets offer a more secure and leak proof seal because for those with different shaped faces, noses; I find the single seal visor type goggles to work only if you have a taller nose bridge. The Kayenne seal for each eye is also wider allowing greater viewing angles and don't dig into your eye sockets for better comfort.

    Great visibility and adjusting these are also a breeze.

    Need to use it a bit more to see how it fairs in the long run but so far so good.

    non-pro but picky
    Vancouver, BC


  • 8/15/2011 High Quality, Excellent Fit

    5 Review stars By Alex

    I wear contact lenses when I swim, so I need goggles that have a comfortable and tight fit with no leaks.  This is my fourth pair of Aquaspheres.  They meet all of my requirements.

    Chicago, IL


  • 8/10/2011 leak some

    3 Review stars By william b.

    leaked some

    william b.
    the Woodlands, TX


  • 6/18/2011 It really works

    5 Review stars By Pedro A.

    I was looking for a good goggle to use in a swimpool. i tried several brands and types, but I didn`t give up until find one that really works. These goggles are comfortable and leakproof. I had to made some adjustments, but it was easy with a simple button to do it.
    They have a large field of vision, the colour blue is very good in a swimpool (I didn`t try in the sea). I recomend to buy, you will not regret to do it.

    Pedro A.
    Miami Beach, FL


  • 4/28/2011 Finally !!!

    5 Review stars By 53 and swimming

    Have been swimming for fitness for 13 yrs. and have always struggled to find a comfortable pair of goggles. These goggles worked great right out of the box with the easy adjustment strap.
    Very comfortable with good vision and no pressure on the eyes !!!

    53 and swimming


  • 4/22/2011 Great fit, very comfortable

    4 Review stars By Susan B.

    Very comfortable and leakproof, once I learned to position the goggles properly. Took some adjusting and tinkering to get them just right--it is worth taking the time to experiment with positioning. They adjust really easily and have a good, large field of vision--very clear and bright. I really like them and would buy again. They do leave indentations around my eyes, but the marks fade pretty quickly, and they're definitely superior to my previous goggles.

    Susan B.
    Staunton, VA


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