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Speedo Aquabeat Replacement Earphone

Speedo Aquabeat Replacement Earphone Reviews

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2.5 star rating (16 Reviews)

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  • 11/18/2013 The good and the bad

    4 Review stars By swimmer guy

    The sound is dependable and of good quality. The cord is so short it is difficult to keep the connection out of the water. I swim in my lap pool at home and hang my ipod above the pool. The earphones hang down, using an extension. The end of the extension that connects to the earphones reqularly dips into the water because the cord of the earphones only extends about 6 to 8 inches away from my head. I just feel that the connection won't last long getting wet in chlorinated water every day.

    swimmer guy
    Rexburg, ID


  • 7/2/2013 sort of OK

    2 Review stars By Marsha K.

    I use for 45-60 minute lap swim 3-5 weekly, listening to books not music.  The good--sound ok and stay in my ears even without hooks which are easy to remove.
    The not good is durability or lack of same/  In the 16 months I've had acquabeat, this will be the third set of earphones--the first lasted about six months and the second almost a year. At $30 a pop, getting more costly than original purchase.
    This will be my last set--when this set fails, I will go to the waterproof iPod.

    Marsha K.
    williamsburg, VA


  • 11/23/2012 Not for Adults

    1 Review stars By Jeff

    This product is not for adult use. Very short cord and poor sound.



  • 9/18/2012 Still searching....

    2 Review stars By NTS

    I am new to swimming and have been looking for a distraction to help keep me in the water when I get bored.  I think music will help, and while the waterproof Sporti pouch keeps my player bone dry, I have been having trouble finding headphones that stay in place.  The ear hooks on this model are tight and seem to stay put, the ear bud itseel oves around.  When I try to fix it in place with a bathing cap, it pops off the ear hook and starts popping out of my ear.   Not he fix I was hoping for.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 9/15/2012 Do Not Buy

    1 Review stars By Bear Swimmer

    These headphones do not meet the quality of the ones I got with my Aquabeat.  I had to stop swimming every few minutes to shake the water out of these (could not hear the music at all bc of the water) and go through the lengthy process of trying to get them back into my ears.   The were very uncomfortable due to the stiff rubber and they would not stay in place.  I hope I can return them.

    Bear Swimmer
    Killeen, Tx


  • 3/20/2012 Headphones

    4 Review stars By Reggae

    I find this product to live up to standard.

    Rio Rancho, NM


  • 3/19/2012 Poor sound

    2 Review stars By Poor Sound

    I actually purchased these for running due to my old pair starting to rust from the sweat.  I thought these would be a good option to prevent that.  I was very dissappointed with the sound quality.  My "cheap" pair that I had been using (and still are) had far superior sound.  I only used them a couple of times before throwing them in the junk drawer as an emergency backup pair.  They might do really well for the water part.  I can't comment fairly on that because I did not use them in that manner.

    Poor Sound
    Lake Charles, LA


  • 3/19/2012 Great product

    5 Review stars By Marina I.

    Love it, also use it when i run. Just make sure is plugged off if not used

    Marina I.
    Derwood, MD


  • 3/19/2012 Aquabeat is huge diissapointment

    1 Review stars By Marioeddie

    This product simply does not work.  I have bought and retuned 3 of them

    Madisin, WI


  • 7/10/2011 Really liked these until one stop working

    3 Review stars By Banum

    I found these to work under my swim cap, I did have issue's with the connection to the mp3 player but I cleaned the terminals with alcohol on a q tip and worked great, but then one of the ear phones stopped working. Had them for 8 months and these were the replacement of the first set that lasted about 1 year, on the good note the speedo mp3 player is still working after 2 years.

    Lihue, HI


  • 1/19/2011 Little tricky at first

    3 Review stars By Carlos

    You have to play around with the ear buds to make sure they work. The set that comes on the earphones did not work well and I had to play around with the different types and sizes. I finally, i hope, got the right fit when I used a cone style in one ear and an ear bud in the other. Sound is not great, though acceptable. Not my favorite but good enough.

    Chicago, IL


  • 10/22/2010 Best Ever

    5 Review stars By Sharon

    Put the plug in your ear first and then slip ear in ear loop. The best I have ever used. I am 75 and have been swimming forever. Nothing wrong with earphone if the user puts them on right.



  • 9/4/2010 Very Pleased!

    4 Review stars By MidlifeSwimmer

    I lap swim aggressively 3-4 days a week. The long earplugs stay in leakfree for my entire 1hr workouts(The round earbuds are just for out of the water listening). I removed the ear retainers(they didn't fit correctly and found I didn't need them anyway) and don't wear a cap(a cap may help some people keep them in place). The coiled wire for the earplugs stay out of the way nicely when used with a goggle mounted mp3 player like the AquaBeat. Push the earplugs in until it hurts a little then pull out slightly to hear clearly. My ear canals were sore for the first couple times but not after that.  I like these earphones for lap swimming!

    Dorr, MI


  • 6/1/2010 can't swim and hear

    1 Review stars By Joanne

    Water gets in the ear plug and you can't hear a thing.  It's ok for kicking tho.  Overall they are bad.

    Apple Valley, Ca.


  • 2/14/2010 I am not thrilled with these headphones.

    2 Review stars By Julie

    I am disappointed with these headphones. They do the job, but they are not easy to put on. They are not very comfortable either. The wires are really sensative. They disconnect too easily. There is plenty of room for improvement. They are fine to use in the sauna,steam room or hot tub if you keep the wires away from the jet's currents. I would not try to swim aggressively with them.

    Fort Worth, Tx


  • 12/29/2009 ear phones

    1 Review stars By Peter R.

    Very poor underwater fit. Needs a lot of work to utilize an otherwise good product. Constantly have to stop and reapply the ear pieces to hear the music

    Peter R.
    Salem, NH


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