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Z Leader Adult Vantage Swim Goggle

Z Leader Adult Vantage Swim Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (20 Reviews)

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  • 8/15/2013 Finally, I can see the workout board!

    rating star By kathleen h.

    For years I haven't been able to see workout board. I wear glasses but getting prescription goggles seemed like to much of a hassle and I wear trifocals, blended, also seemed to complicated. But my coach recommended this site and my doctor suggested plus three. Most of the options are minus something. So I ordered three. Amazing. I can read the board. I wish I had gotten these years ago. My husband immediately took a pair and loved them so I ordered some more and probably will again. I love these. The quality is good. They stayed on perfectly during a 2.2 mile pier to pier swim in Manhattan Beach, CA. Haven't fogged up although I use some baby shampoo to be safe. But quality is great!!!! Thank you.

    kathleen h.
    rolling hills, CA


  • 5/2/2013 Great Product at a resonable price

    rating star By R. Doss

    I'm 61 years old and have never been able to see clearly underwater until now.  I'm so suprised at how well they work.  Now I can SEE all the things I have never been able to see before.  Why did I wait this long to buy goggles like these.  I love them, Thank You so much.

    R. Doss
    Spokane, WA


  • 3/9/2013 very wonderful!

    rating star By Steve

    I needed magnifying lenses to read the details of my swim workout, which I print and leave at one end of the lane. These goggles are beautiful for that, and also provide great peripheral vision and fit great. An excellent product.

    Washington, DC


  • 2/22/2013 How to Adjust Bridge

    rating star By Pete

    First put a towel or similar over one lens to protect it.  Next flex the bridge so that you can insert a piece of card to protect the part of the lens that the bridge goes through (this may be a bit of an overkill).  Then get a screw driver with a blade about the same width as the bridge clip and insert it under the bridge from the direction of the protected lens.  It goes in easily if you flex it a bit.  Finally twist the screw driver one way and then the other and the bridge clip will pop out.  Repeat for the other side then just press in the alternate bridge with the grey clips fitted as in the original.  It took me two hours to discover this and I hope my instruction are clear!  A picture would be better.  The goggles are brilliant as long as you obey the instruction to wet the inside of the lens first!!!



  • 2/6/2013 She can see!!

    rating star By Nancy

    We had to order the 6.0 and were skeptical, but she can see....I caught her using them to see out of the pool the other day when she had no glasses on......they look pretty cool too, so that's a plus.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 10/6/2012 very helpful for my training

    rating star By Staiger

    1.  The goggles are great - fit well around the eyes and the positive diopter I needed works really well to see my lap counter while I am in the pool.  Removing and reattaching the nose piece to adjust the size was difficult.  
    2.  After a month or so, the gasket came loose from the lenses and they started leaking really badly.
    3.  Swim Outlet is awesome that they replaced them within a week and made it easy for me to return the bad pair.

    Palmyra, Virginia


  • 7/3/2014 Great 8.0+

    rating star By FC

    Goggles for + correction are hard to find. I bought these for my 10 year old son who needs 9.0+ correction. These are 8.0+ but works just right. They are made for adult but can be adjusted for smaller heads. They have smokey lens that work just like sunglasses so there are just great. I bought two of them in case he looses one but would buy them again if needed.



  • 11/13/2013 Love the goggles

    rating star By Linda

    I got these goggles so I could read my times on my finger-ring lap counter.  There are not very many sources for + diopter goggles.  I especially like this brand because it fits my face well and I get a good vacuum seal without having to make the strap tight.  The anti-fog coating is so-so.  I supplement with diluted baby shampoo.  Love the goggles.

    Palmyra, VA


  • 9/10/2013 i can see!!!!!!

    rating star By kate in pv

    i just got another set of three pairs of these goggles. think i reviewed them before. my only regret is that i didn't start wearing them ten years ago. ocean swimming for a triathlon finally convinced me i HAD to see in the water and my swim coach suggested this site. i always thought it would be a huge headache to get my trifocal prescription translated into goggles. but when i called my eye doctor he told me i simply needed plus 3. a lot of brands for whatever reason don't come in that. these do and they stayed on during the santa barbara tri and the nautica tri and all the practice sessions in between. love them.

    kate in pv
    palos verdes, CA


  • 10/4/2012 Great Goggles

    rating star By Pigdaddy45

    Comfortable fit with great optics.

    Silver Spring, MD


  • 9/8/2012 Great Product and Price

    rating star By D Mc

    Bought similar goggles from or through eye doctor at almost 3 times the price. The case is adequate and very handy to have. I ordered the wrong corrective and swim outlet accepted the return without hesitation and gave me a shipping credit for future use.
    The goggles themselves are comfortable easy to adjust and work great at correcting vision issues in the pool. It makes a tremendous difference when you can see other swimmers and the lap clock clearly without having to stop and lift the non prescription goggles.

    D Mc
    Lakeland, Florida


  • 6/6/2012 Almost Perfect

    rating star By Bill K.

    Great goggles.

    Would be "perfect"  with these improvements:

    1. Offered with clear lenses for indoor use.
     2. Offered  in 1/2 diopters when Rx changes.
     3.  Instructions included for removal of nose piece. (Tip: With the flat of a letter opener or similar tool,  press gray connectors down and away from "hook").

    Bill K.
    Linville, NC


  • 6/5/2012 One of the few goggles for far-sightedness

    rating star By Diana

    Finding a pair of goggles for my far-sighted son is very difficult. He loves these goggles!

    Martinez, CA


  • 3/21/2012 Work great!

    rating star By Fishface

    I just started swimming again and need to watch my heart rate monitor,etc.  love them!  Slightly uncomfortable at the nose, but otherwise just fine....

    Lee, MA


  • 7/24/2009 PURCHASED TWO PAIRS!

    rating star By Wendy C.

    These goggles are great!  I purchased one pair for my husband and then had to purchase one for my son.  It's hard to find goggles with these positive diopters and these were life savers.  They are so pleased and can see more clearly.  This really makes a difference when you are swimming several times a week.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!

    Wendy C.
    Redondo Beach, CA


  • 4/23/2009 Need a Flat Nose

    rating star By Ski Slope Nose

    I purchased +2 for distance and great-I can read the clock on the clubhouse and check out the bikini babes while I swim my laps in the pool. Nice that they apply the plastic protectors over the lenses but when you remove the little +2 stickers on the sides of the lenses they will leave some sticky residue. No problem-I used a soft cloth and some mild dish detergent to remove the residue even though the instructions say never wipe or clean the lenses-just rinse them with cold water after use. They came with the medium bridge and that must be too small because the right one is leaking water. I will flip them over and see if the leak goes to the left side. No the right one is still leaking so it must be a problem with my face. When I get home I will change the bridge to the “LARGE” size. OK-How do I “Pop nose bridge out of goggle frame"? There needs to be some better instructions on this step. After lubricating each double hook catch with mild dish soap I placed a one inch wide putty knife under the outside edge of the nose bridge. While grasping each eye piece firmly I used a twisting lever action to pop each side out. This was not an easy task but I did manage to remove the “M” bridge without scratching or damaging each eye piece. Snapping in the “L” is very easy. Back to the pool I did manage to get a good seal with the large bridge but needed to tighten the head band more than usual to get a tight seal. I would recommend the next design change from Hilco is to move the bridge up to the top of the goggle frame like most great fitting goggles are designed. Placing the bridge in the center causes each eyepiece to lose seal at the lower cheek bones if you have a ski slope nose like mine. If you have a flat nose on your face then I would highly recommend these goggles.

    Ski Slope Nose
    Hernando, FL


  • 3/3/2009 I love these goggles

    rating star By Ed Stevens

    The folks at Swim Outlet bent over backward to ensure that the correction on the goggles was correct.
    They were courteous and cooperative.
    The goggles make my daily laps much easier and the correction enables me to  see the time and my heart rate.
    I highly recommend these goggles.

    Ed Stevens
    Austin, Texas


  • 1/5/2009 Much Better

    rating star By swimmerdude

    The goggles allowed me to see everything much more clearly.  Fit well on my face.  Wish it had more colors to choose from, but it really did work well.  When ordered, the product came in on time and was exactly what I expected.

    Aurora, CO


  • 12/25/2008 Return

    rating star By Eugene W.

    The goggles don't fit my face in any of the nose bridge S M L adjustments, there is no seal...I am returning them

    Eugene W.
    Goshen, NY


  • 12/20/2008 Works well for being able to read my watch

    rating star By Joseph K.

    My distance vision is OK, but I need glasses to read, with these goggles I can now read my watch when I do intervals and I can read my workout print out. I am new to swimming and these are not as comfortable as some other goggles, but I will probably get use to them. One major complaint is the adjustable nose piece. There are no instructions on how to change them, I had to cut the medium one out with a knife to replace it with a large.

    Joseph K.
    Louisville, KY


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