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Bettertimes Pull Buoy

Bettertimes Pull Buoy Reviews

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4.5 star rating (81 Reviews)

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  • 12/21/2013 Still the best

    rating star By Paul O.

    7" is the "normal" size.  Still the best.  I'm a lifelong, accomplished swimmer and I grew up with these.  I also bought the newer foam Speedo buoy, but I regret that purchase.  Just not as good of a buoy.

    Paul O.
    York, PA


  • 10/8/2014 Great Pull Buoy

    rating star By Sheila

    This is the only kind of buoy I will buy. It stays in place and doesn't slip out like the one-piece buoys everyone uses now.  I have pretty thin legs so the other buoys always slip out. This one is nice because it stays in place with little effort.

    San Franicsco, CA


  • 4/18/2014 Bettertimes Pull Bouy Just Right

    rating star By Coach Turville

    This pull bouy has been around a long time.  I've selected it again in my coaching and still prefer this product for swim training. I use the medium 7" size as it seems to work well for high school swimmers.  There are other sizes, but this size works the best.

    Coach Turville
    Reno, Nevada

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/22/2016 Great

    rating star By Triporkchop

    Great product


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/3/2015 Surprise

    rating star By mxtxcagirl

    When I have ordered other buoys like this they came as a set of 2 I was surprised that this only came as one. Have been using them in water aerobics class  now I guess I have to order another.

    Puerto Vallarta Mexico


  • 11/18/2015 Great for 80's old timer

    rating star By Matzui

    This item works great. I'm a old timer, from the 80's, and BIG size. Left swimming regularly for years. Had to pick it up for better my shape and health, and swimming is less stressful for my back and legs. Decided to buy this item because it was more familiar to me from my swimming years. And it is great for a old timer.

    Puerto Rico

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/17/2015 No more searching...

    rating star By COA

    I swim with Masters and was using the local high school student buoy's.  They were becoming fewer and fewer between, until we (or they) got down to a sad 2-3 left.  I decided then to get my own.  I got the 7" and it's the same as what the school has.  It stays put while I'm doing laps. It's an effective tool to help keep legs up so you can focus on stroke and core.  Speaking of, it's to swim... : )


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/9/2015 Old-school buoy

    rating star By CMitch

    These old-school buoys are great because they are adjustable. This one gets the job done.

    SLC, UT

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/22/2015 Perfect

    rating star By Skyluca

    I had been looking for this "old style" pull buoy!
    just great!

    Brescia, Italy

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/28/2015 good buoy

    rating star By linzypinzy

    exactly what I expected and wanted.  I like the thought of the other one piece buoys, but they just don't work as good for me as the old standard buoy.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/1/2015 pullbuoy

    rating star By Joe

    The pull buoy  I received have black nylon webbing with plastic tighteners. They are a good fit. I weigh 218lbs    
    and purchased the 7" length pull buoys .I am happy with them


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/31/2015 Lovely pull buoy, Sturdy and cost effective

    rating star By Chris

    Hey Dear Swim Outlet, Please do not forget to add a maple leaf logo to your products, many customers like me are from Canada..So Smart up and hurry up if you want to double your sales!!!! Cheers...

    Vancouver, BC

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/29/2015 review from italy

    rating star By R.C.

    I've used this kind of pullbuoy more than 30 years ago and they are still very useful expecially if you use down to the ankles

    Genoa, Italy

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/3/2014 Pull buoy

    rating star By willie salmond/Fish

    I've enjoyed the product because it allows me to adjust the distant's between the (2) buoy's !!!

    but I have found that the "styrofoam" buoy's are slippery between my legs and I have a hard time keeping them pressed there when swimming, and doing my flips.

    But other then that, and I manage to compensate for the slippery-ness, I really like that I can adjust them !!

    willie salmond/Fish
    Seattle, wea

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/18/2014 Great Buy

    rating star By Frank

    The 7" bouy is exactly what I needed.   As others have mentioned on reviews, the pictured bouy is a bit mis-leading because the ones delivered have straps, not cords as pictured.    The straps are completely adjustable, so not a problem.

    Waynesboro, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/30/2014 What is pictured on the website is not what I received.

    rating star By Hans

    The picture on the website shows a rope holding the pull buoy together.  What they sent me was a pull buoy that was held together with a strap.  I specifically looked for the rope style because it has been my experience that the rope stays in place and does not loosen up.  The strap style constantly loosens up and I find myself readjusting it several times during practice.  I blame for having the wrong information on their website.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/27/2014 Works great

    rating star By Cptcarter

    perfect. just what i wanted. just like hs and college. ive used it many times in the olympic pool here.. works just like advertised. doesnt retain water either, which is a plus

    Long Beach, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/25/2014 Pull Buoy review

    rating star By JP

    What can one say, their buoy's.  They work fine.  One can  adjust them to the size one requires.  So far after six weeks, they have performed great.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/17/2014 Best buoy

    rating star By Sue

    I found it stays in place better than the solid foam ones, and I like that my legs are more together. I like the feel better as well. I've given away my other one. I got the 6inch one since I'm a natural floater so it provides plenty of float for me.

    Richmond, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/20/2013 Slips during long swims

    rating star By Susan

    Have to reposition several times during longer distance swims ( more than 300yds). Doesn't stay where it should


    Fit: Feels true to size

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