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Swedes Swedish Goggles

Swedes Swedish Goggles Reviews

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4.5 star rating (481 Reviews)

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  • 2/24/2013 I'm amazed!

    rating star By BoymomC

    I feel compelled to write a review about these goggles. I have passed these up for years, because I couldn't imagine that they would be comfortable. I am a serious lap swimmer, swimming about 3-5 days a week. I used to swear by Women's Vanquishers, but they left terrible goggle marks, which are becoming more of a concern to me as I get older. Then I went to Kaiman Lady, which worked pretty well, but didn't last as long and still left some suctions marks. Then I tried Barracuda standard and ultras, for the positive pressure that wasn't supposed to leave marks, but in order to get them not to leak, they had to be uncomfortably tight, leaving marks in different areas. Finally, since they are so inexpensive, I thought I'd give these a try. It took a little time to find the right adjustment (which I did at home), but when I finally hit the pool with them, they were unbelievable!! They fit my eye sockets so gently, with very little tension in the strap, yet they didn't leak at all! Best of all, when I finished an hour in the pool, they didn't leave raccoon eyes! I will tell you that you have to make sure you take the time to adjust them to your face, and I took the time to file any rough edges with a nail file until it was absolutely smooth. They do fog up, but I always have Jaws Quick Spit on hand anyway, which keeps them clear for the whole workout. I liked them so much I ordered more for myself and my two sons who are competitive swimmers. I think like many other reviewers, what works for one might not work for another, but at this price, it's worth a try. They are so uniquely adjustable. I love them!

    Media, PA


  • 3/27/2012 The Original Swede

    rating star By J.A.

    I've been wearing swedes for the last couple of decades and thought they didnt get any better.  Scout out the Sporti Antifog "swedes" with a bungee strap (dont worry, if you're traditional like me and want the rubber strap - they come with the traditional strap AND an additional bungee).

    Chicago, IL


  • 6/18/2009 GREAT GOGGLES

    rating star By Joe H.

    I used to use the speedo vanquisher but then i went to socket rockets and now to swedes. These are by far the most comfortable when you get used to it. The shipping was very fast which suprised me because i got the standard ground shipping. It came in pieces but I just looked at the directions on this site and it was complete in like 3 minutes. I mean seriously people are complaining about it being uncomfortable and hard to put together but I'm 12 and i can do it.

    Joe H.
    Fullerton, CA


  • 1/16/2014 uncomfortable

    rating star By Patricia D.

    Even with filing of rough edges, could not get fit to be comfortable.

    Patricia D.
    Bryan, Tx


  • 11/19/2013 Love Swedes

    rating star By ol'' retired swimmer

    I have been using swedes for 25 years and will not wear anything else. Love them.

    ol'' retired swimmer
    Philly, PA


  • 8/1/2013 Good classic!

    rating star By Water polo goalie

    Very nice, perfectly adjusted since you Bild the goggles yourself. Still need to fit your face. Not in a fashion way, but concerning your bone structure

    Water polo goalie


  • 5/29/2013 The best.

    rating star By LW

    Only kind of goggles I'll ever use.

    ELKO, NV


  • 4/30/2013 Swedish Goggles

    rating star By hdk

    Love these goggles.  I use a nail file around the edges because sometimes the plastic is a little sharp when they are brand new.  The "smoke" color is more of a dark brown, not the aesthetic I was going for (its usually all about lookin good) but works awesome for sunny swims.

    Kapaa, HI


  • 8/27/2009 Worked well for 5 yrs compt, swimming! A++

    rating star By Steve Reba

    I used these For 5 years straight (Competitive Swimming) with bungee straps, Before using these I used many many many, Speedo and Nike brand goggles, Non of which worked well at all, they all leaked, or fell off while diving in. These however have not within my 5 years of swimming, fallen off, or leaked.

    The trick is to Adjust them so they fit comfortably on YOUR face, AKA dont let friends borrow them otherwise it will not fit your face and it will hurt, then you will have to take a while to adjust them to your head again.. Another trick is to spit in them every day before you go in the pool, your saliva will at as a natural de-fogger, after my first year, they never fogged.

    Buying again because I lost mine! I feel lost without them!

    Steve Reba
    Parma, OH


  • 12/5/2008 Still the best

    rating star By Patrick Morgan

    I have been competitively swimming since i was about 3 years old, i am now 16, and i have been using swedes since i was about 8 or 9, these goggles are still the best, and will continue to be the best. I tried at one point to switch to some other goggles, tried many different brands and typeds, and all of them just felt wrong. Alot of people say they leak, and thats because your doing it wrong, and if you dont know how to put together the most simple of simple things on this green earth, you need to quit at life. Go to youtube, and search on how to put them together if you feel the need. here are my pros and cons on this product.

    1. Hmm lets just say, these goggles are immaculate, with a price of $3, nothing beats them.

    2. These are the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing goggles on the market. They take about 2 or 3 practices to get used to them, cause they kinda hurt for about the first week, and then you will fall in love with them, if i could do it without getting laughed at, i would wear these in public.

    3. These things never leak, they are the most reliable goggles on the planet. Indestructable, it the edges ever get rough, all you have to do is sandpaper them a little and its good to go.

    4. 95% of all pro swimmers wear these goggles, you know they are good when that many swimmers wear them.


    1: Do i  really need to be posting this.... Hmm if i had to think of one... THEY ARE SUPER ADDICTING, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WEAR OTHER GOGLES.

    2: They make you want to buy more because they are so awesome you want more pairs of them(i have 22 pairs of swedes, all different colors, with colors mixed and matched for different types of pools)

    In total if you dont like them, you arent a real swimmer, get these or go slow.

    Patrick Morgan
    Atlanta, GA


  • 1/30/2016 10/10 Would recommend.

    rating star By Grem

    These are amazing goggles, However, I learned a few tips from people that can really help people out. First, cut of part of the strap and us it as a nose piece, it works quite well and is adjustable. Second, I would advise you to use a Bungee cord with these goggles, I have found it takes a while to get the exact feel you want, and the adjust-ability of a bungee cord suits the task quite well. Third, these goggles can hurt your eyes, i got used to them by first wearing them for warm up, then added warm down, then added fast sets. Hope Everyone loves these as much as i do.

    Pittsburgh PA


  • 12/19/2015 Pretty good!

    rating star By 666k9s

    I love the bungee cord! The low price means I can buy several colors. But for those who swim in a pretty dark indoor pool like I do, these didn't provide the contrast that the amber colored ones do. So these will be my emergency pair. But they are still pretty awesome. They don't leave horrible red rings around my eyes like my old Vanquishers did. Won't be going back to those any time soon! Shipping was awesome and my stuff came ahead of time! I'll be back!

    Topeka, Ks.


  • 11/25/2015 Classic

    rating star By BigDStu

    These are your typical swedish goggles. Not much to say.



  • 11/13/2015 Great so far

    rating star By Ryan

    I've been using vanquishers for 15 years and i decided to change it up, these are great!  Not a leak so far and really comfortable.  I'm amazed with how much i can see!  A lot of people suggested sanding down the edges before putting them on but they feel fine without doing that for me.  Thank you!

    Elkins WV


  • 11/11/2015 Always the best

    rating star By Mike Bradley

    The only google I ever wear and have worn for 25 years. Get a new pair every 6 months or so as they tend to start fogging easily after that long.

    Mike Bradley
    Centennial, CO


  • 11/5/2015 Swedish goggles

    rating star By leoho

    To keep the water out I have to wear them way too tight. Not comfortable

    Duluth, MN


  • 10/19/2015 Excellent

    rating star By JR

    Very satisfied. Good googles at a great price. Bought two.



  • 9/14/2015 Would not buy again

    rating star By Jim

    Cheaply constructed and very close to the eye, the google immediately leaked and the clear lens only amplified the light in tne natatorium.    You pay for what you get....I can't even return because the postage cost more than the googles!   Don't waste your money on this one!

    Milwaukee, WI


  • 8/25/2015 Favorite goggles for years

    rating star By Erin Meadows

    I have always the loved the Swedish style goggles. Only once have I strayed and not gotten the original swedish goggle and they were not the same. The ability to adjust the goggle exactly to your face is fantastic. No searching for nose pieces that are smaller or larger that may or may not have come with your new goggles. I only use the strap that comes with them if I don't have a bungee strap available. The strap does wear out so you need to have a replacement. There have been some improvements over the years. The holes for the straps are a little bit bigger so you can get bungee straps through much easier than when I first started using these. The rim of the goggles this time came perfectly smooth, no filing needed! I don't know if this was luck or if they have listened to swimmers over the years. Everyone should know that these goggles don't come put together. It is done that way so you can can the perfect. There are no instructions, but if you know how goggles work it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. There are blog posts/youtube videos of people putting theirs together so if you can't figure it out a quick google search should help you out. I will never go back to any other kind of goggle.

    Erin Meadows
    Naperville, IL


  • 6/14/2015 Goggles complicated

    rating star By Jar

    they don't come assembled and no directions.

    Winfield, NJ


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