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TYR Women's Femme T-72 Ellipse Mirrored Goggle

TYR Women's Femme T-72 Ellipse Mirrored Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (63 Reviews)

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  • 11/28/2012 Works when all else fails

    5 Review stars By Janice

    I have two girls that are competetive swimmers.  We have had a time trying to find a pair of goggles that fit their face properly.  As soon as the girls tried these they exclaimed, "Mom, these suction to my face!"   I went on to purchase a pair for myself and find them more comfortable than others I have tried.  The only thing that I think could improve these goggles is if they came in clear lenses.  The pool we do most of our swimming in is rather dark.

    Lovell, WY


  • 9/14/2012 Good product for small faces

    4 Review stars By Chris

    Very soft with an infinite range of adjustment.  However, as a woman who has to buy her everyday eyeglasses from the kids' section, I found these to feel small around my eyes.  They rest inside my eye socket instead of on it.  Going to keep using them until I figure out if that's too much to deal with.  Oh!  The tinting is PERFECT too.

    Littleton CO


  • 10/5/2015 Love them!

    4 Review stars By Carla

    I love these goggles because you don't have to adjust them too tight to prevent leaking. I swim for three hours five times a week, so confort is very important to me. As any goggles it eventually gets foggy, but it takes a good time to happen.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • 8/12/2013 No leaks

    5 Review stars By GenXer

    I have used these a few times and they have been great so far. They suck right onto my face, fit well, and don't leak. After adjusting the straps a little, they fit comfortably onto my head (out of the package they were much too tight). They have also been great at protecting my eyes from the sun when I swim in an outdoor pool.

    Denver, CO


  • 6/16/2009 Great for slender faces

    5 Review stars By Heather T.

    This was great for my 10-year-old daughter.  The smallest of the interchangeable nosepieces fit perfectly for her.  It is great for those who aren't kid-sized anymore, but aren't adult-sized yet either.

    Heather T.
    Findlay, IL


  • 5/25/2009 TYR Women's T-72 Metallized

    5 Review stars By Alice F.

    I have worn a lot of various goggles, and these are by far the best.  The come with additional nose pieces to customize the fit, and they fit extremely well and keep the water out which is important for those of us that wear contacts.  I would highly recommend these goggles for anyone that takes their swimming seriously.

    Alice F.
    Chicago, IL


  • 3/24/2009 they never leak

    4 Review stars By Elyse R.

    Really confortable and never leak. Fits me perfectly and I have a small face.

    Elyse R.
    Costa Mesa, CA


  • 12/11/2012 Good all purpose goggle

    5 Review stars By Gail

    This is my third pair of this style of goggles. They fit my face well and are fully adjustable.I use these in the pool and for triathlons and have been pleased with their performance. They hold up well.



  • 8/1/2009 Working great!!

    5 Review stars By franimal

    Comfortable, keep the water out, nice colors - for what more can I ask?

    Page, AZ


  • 5/3/2009 YEA! Purple Goggles!

    5 Review stars By Moira M.

    My swimming buddies and I like to match in our swim gear...we love the color purple, so these goggles are great!

    Moira M.
    Brisbane, CA


  • 12/9/2008 TYR Women's T-72 goggles

    5 Review stars By Shelly C.

    My daughter uses these goggles for competitive swimming.  They hold up well for an entire swim season.  She swears by these goggles.  They never fill up with water or slide off when diving in.  She won't use any other kind.

    Shelly C.
    Curwensville, PA


  • 11/26/2008 best I've found

    5 Review stars By Jordan B.

    These goggles don't leak and they don't pull on my eyes as much as the Vanguishers did.  I love the pink too.

    Jordan B.


  • 11/25/2008 Good Gifts

    5 Review stars By Robert T.

    I've purchase quite a few pair of the goggles as gifts and invitations for my retirement swim party. So far everyone seems very happy with these goggles.

    Robert T.
    Great Falls, MT


  • 11/9/2008 Good Practice Goggles

    5 Review stars By Marcia K.

    These are great practice goggles. They don't fog and they are very durable, especially when thrown around in the depths of the swim bag!  Plus, they come in pretty colors to match those practice suits.

    Marcia K.
    Watertown, NY


  • 4/26/2017 good goggles!

    4 Review stars By mcgeek

    I do like these goggles even though they weren't exactly what I was searching for.  They fit well and most of all, they don't leak.  they're not as soft as I would have wanted, but I suppose you can't have everything.  They fit right in the eye socket, which is good because you don't get the possum look after a swim.

    Baltimore MD


  • 2/16/2017 Great fit for my 13 year old daughter

    5 Review stars By Mack

    My daughter really likes the gold model, although the rims and strap are really white.

    St. Paul, MN


  • 12/6/2015 My Favorite Goggle

    5 Review stars By Wind-N-Sea Masters Swimmer

    The TYR Women's Femme Ellipse has been my favorite swim goggle for both training and racing.  The best feature of the goggles are the straps.  There is no strap motion or vibration.  All the strap adjustments are on the back of the head and not on the side, and where the strap connects to the eye lens is a single not double strap.

    Wind-N-Sea Masters Swimmer
    San Diego, CA


  • 7/22/2015 Good size!

    4 Review stars By BuckeyeNP

    I ordered several different TYR styles after being mostly a Speedo wearer - so far I like these and these felt sized down for Women which was good. I''m a small person (4''10") but I think with just a regular sized face.  The other TYR's felt way too big.



  • 3/5/2015 Comfortable

    4 Review stars By krchp

    These goggles are surprisingly comfortable and efficient for the price.

    Las Cruces, NM


  • 1/30/2015 Not so thrilled

    2 Review stars By Heather

    The goggles seem darker than my last ones which would be fine if I was swimming out in sunshine. I have also had problems with them leaking and fogging up.

    Warner Robins


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