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TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggle

TYR Nest Pro Swim Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (135 Reviews)

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  • 9/3/2013 Best goggles for me.

    rating star By Emily H.

    These are soft, comfortable and easy to get on and off.  They fit my small frame eyes with no leaking.  Being clear, it is easy to see while in the indoor pool or in the outdoor pool for lap swim at 6:00 am when it is still dark.  They are even inexpensive.

    Emily H.
    Gainesville, FL


  • 1/29/2010 optics distort under water

    rating star By Arthur L.

    gaskets form a good seal with out that sucking your eyes  out feel, but the optics distort under water pretty badly, making them unusably for me.

    Arthur L.
    Albany, NY


  • 10/31/2015 comfortable, but they leak.

    rating star By atomg

    These googles are very comfortable , but they leak.



  • 7/22/2015 good googles

    rating star By Bill

    light weight, no fogging issues



  • 6/30/2009 a little too close to my eyes!!

    rating star By Heather L.

    The goggles are very awkward once on.  They feel to close to my eyes.  My eyelashes feel like they are brushing against the lens and I have average lashes.  I dont particularly enjoy the way they feel. almost claustrophobic.

    Heather L.
    Cuba, NM


  • 1/25/2016 Poor Packing

    rating star By Greg

    The goggle was smashed into the pack and permanently altered the fit.  I cannot get a seal around the eye.  This is my go to goggle and is normally a great goggle. I have to throw this pair out.

    Manhattan Beach


  • 1/23/2016 Best goggles I've had!

    rating star By bamagirl

    I've been a lap swimmer for about 20 years, and only started wearing goggles as an adult.  Always had difficulty with googles leaving bad marks on my face or leaking until I found these a few years ago.  I have just bought my 6th pair (have them in both clear and mirrored, for swimming indoors or outside) and will continue to purchase these as long as they are available.  They last a year or more for me, swimming about an hour twice a week.  Very highly recommend these.

    Birmingham, AL


  • 11/30/2015 BEST GOGGLES

    rating star By rosaluxe

    This is my fourth purchase of these goggles. I swim daily and have tried a range of goggles, but these are hands-down the best: perfect fit, excellent seal. I can't ask for more.

    Ithaca NY


  • 9/21/2015 Distorted view under water

    rating star By Lio

    Image is clear in the air but fuzzy in the pool. Makes you dizzy after a while. Useless.



  • 8/23/2015 Waste of money

    rating star By William L.

    The lens distorts everything to the point that I couldn't even see the wall as I finished a lap.  Particularly irritating was that the lens in front of one eye gave a different distortion from the other.  This was a total waste of money and I discarded them after their first use.

    William L.


  • 7/30/2015 Love this goggle

    rating star By Like to swim

    Daughter loves the clear  goggle a lot and has been using it for 3 years. This is her 5 th pair and still loving it.. She swims 3-4 times a week. Everything is good except it turns yellow after around 5 months. ( soak in water for 5 minutes after swimming)

    Like to swim
    Duluth, GA


  • 7/12/2015 Second purchase

    rating star By Navyspy

    I bought a pair of these goggles a couple of years ago and was impressed by how well they fit and their comfort.  Once the straps are adjusted properly they are leak-free, and that doesn't mean the straps have to be tight. After less than a year of regular use, they lost their anti-fog capability (started using an anti-fog spray) but they still fit so well it seemed senseless to replace them.  Finally, 2 years later they lost much of their clarity of view in the water and I decided to get another pair, and what a difference!!  Anti-fog works again (at least for a while) and I can see clearly again.  Highly recommended.

    St. Augustine


  • 7/4/2015 The old Bejing Nest. Design

    rating star By Jim

    Integrated nose piece, larger eye socket but closer to the eye lash if you have long eye lashes it won't be comfortable for you.  Comfortable silicone gaskets. Loose one star to price being too high for a goggle.

    So Cal


  • 5/5/2015 best goggles ever!

    rating star By etl

    Very comfortable fit. The suction is perfect around the eyes and the Lenses give you sharp vision.  I've been hooked on another brand for over 25 years and an switching.   AS a swim instructor I need all my students to wear goggles.   So far everyone else loved them as much add i do!

    Victoria TX


  • 4/13/2015 Leaky

    rating star By Briana

    These are comfortable, but leak constantly. Have tried them in pool and open water to no avail.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 4/5/2015 Left raccoon eyes

    rating star By Bonnie

    The suction was too tight. I had bruising around eyes for at least 12 hours.

    Portland, OR


  • 3/26/2015 TYR nest pro swim goggle

    rating star By Jean

    I haven't been able to use the goggles only for a few laps.  The nosepiece doesn't properly fit my face, consequently, leakage is the problem.  I would like to return them for a better fitting one.

    Fort Myers, FL


  • 2/23/2015 Perfect

    rating star By quality

    It has the great suction. It kept the water out of your eye. comfortable. It is not my kind of favorite style but its does what it should.  Great purchased.

    dublin ca


  • 2/19/2015 Most comfortable goggles

    rating star By lhn

    These are the only goggles I buy.  They fit perfectly, no leaking, no need to over-tighten.  The wide lens enables panoramic vision. I buy them in bulk because our local store often is out of stock. I am a female, 47 year old master's swimmer.

    Richmond, VA


  • 2/16/2015 Goggles That Seal

    rating star By Booklover83

    I have so much trouble finding goggles that fit my face, and I have bought major brands for sport swimmers, not cheap ones. They all easily slip or take on water during my lap swimming, which is so irritating. I must have a narrow face or bone structure many goggles don't fit. A triathlete in my Master's class recommended these as his face is narrow also, and I really like them. They don't slip and fill with water, and the rubber seal is wide. I can feel the vacuum seal when I put them on. They do come close to my eyes, but there's enough room for comfort.

    Dallas, TX


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