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Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs

Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs Reviews

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4 star rating (48 Reviews)

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  • 6/2/2014 Not bad

    rating star By Dudley

    I bought these to give them a shot. The stem on the plug is a bit long and catches my shoulder with my swim stroke. Also they will not ride under a swim cap without trimming the stem.

    Inland Empire, California


  • 9/24/2013 Soft and comfortable

    rating star By Quito

    Very good seal and comfortable.   Block more sound than the Speado plugs, though.  May or may not be an issue.

    Lafayette la


  • 8/28/2014 Amazing

    rating star By Looki

    Very beautiful christmas tree for my ants and spiders. Too bad they don't have green color.



  • 8/9/2014 excellent and comfortable.

    rating star By Marty

    Excellent earplugs!  Better than Speedo brand

    LaGrange, KY


  • 7/26/2014 Perfect

    rating star By Dave

    Perfect Perfect Perfect.  I have bought many different type but this is the only ones I use now. Won't ever buy anything else



  • 6/24/2014 Perfect Ear Plugs

    rating star By Aya T.

    Love these.  I have small ear canals and hate feeling anything in my ears.  These earplugs are perfect - very supple and easy to move around.  I've used them a couple of times now and  have had no leakage problems.  Highly recommend them!

    Aya T.


  • 3/18/2014 Aqua Ear plugs

    rating star By Bob

    This is my second pair ,they are very comfortable, not only do they fit nice,, keeps water out and also can be used for sound

    Treasure Island Florida


  • 2/28/2014 Great ear plugs

    rating star By Bob

    These Earplugs work very well even drowning our some sound ,swimming lengths ,they are the best ,I have a medium ear canal

    Florida visiting from Canada ontario


  • 1/18/2014 Keeps water out

    rating star By Dave

    These plugs are everything I wanted.  They are a little flimsy but so far (2 weeks) they keep the water out and are very comfortable.

    Tucson, AZ


  • 4/26/2013 My favorite ear plugs

    rating star By JCH

    These are the most comfortable and water-tight ear plugs I've tried! You can't tell from the photos, but they're super soft and and squishy. I can wear them for long periods and I forget they're even there. You can also hear "enough" with them in. They're not so thick that you're totally oblivious to people around you. But it would be hard to hold a conversation with someone that isn't right next to you.

    San Diego, CA


  • 4/13/2013 Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs

    rating star By Mark

    These ear plugs work great. No issues and no water in my ears after a swimming work out!

    Mesa, Az


  • 4/7/2013 Too big for my ears

    rating star By Pdwyer

    Very difficult to get into my ear and won't stay in place

    Staunton, VA


  • 3/27/2013 Easy to insert

    rating star By lifeswim

    One worked fine, I couldn't get the other one to keep out water. Could be the shape of my ear.  My friend borrowed them and set they were ok.  Must wear a cap to keep from popping out



  • 3/24/2013 The Best So Far

    rating star By John R

    I can't stand water in my ears while swimming - not a drop. I have tried probably 8 different plug types. My criteria are water tightness, stability (don't loosen during workout), comfort and removeability. So far - these are the best. They actually score in each of my criteria. Certainly worth a try if you can't stand water in your ear.

    John R
    New York, NY


  • 2/27/2013 ear plugs

    rating star By Rhonda

    My daughter hates water in her ears she says it hurts and these ear plugs she says are the best she has to swim in junior high and that's one less hassle she has to deal with in 5th grade so far they have not had a problem keeping her in the pool.



  • 1/15/2013 Aqua Sphere Ear plugs

    rating star By blue ear plugs

    They would not stay in my ear as they were too loose.

    blue ear plugs
    San Diego


  • 1/11/2013 Looks are deceiving

    rating star By the Nitpicker

    Ok I admit, I have small ears. However, I think these are just too big to begin with. For one, the stem is way too long. That might be easier to hold and yank out but remember, the majority of the times they're not supposed to be handled. Second, the graduated rings in cone shape are too thick so they don't actually work as well as other concentric rings you've seen on other types. Third, the angle of the cone is just too wide. So unless you're over 7 feet tall with proportionate ears to match, these prob won't work for you. Believe it or not, I actually ended up with water behind the eardrum in one ear. Sigh.

    the Nitpicker
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • 1/7/2013 Work Great but I need neon

    rating star By Mark S.

    They keep the water out, but occasionally one will fall out.  Because they are blue, I have a hard time finding the lost one until I get out and walk around the pool.  Neon orange or red would be great.

    Mark S.
    Birmingham, AL


  • 1/4/2013 Worked well

    rating star By Family of swimmers

    prevented water from getting into my ears!

    Family of swimmers


  • 12/12/2012 Pretty good, but don't always stay put

    rating star By RU131

    They work fairly well but sometimes they don't always stay put and fall out. Maybe I have odd shaped ears or something, also I don't like that the nub part at the end sticks way out of my ear, makes it hard to put my swim cap over them.

    New Jersey


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