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H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen)

H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen)

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  • There's no reason working out shouldn't be fun! Add some pep to your swim with the H2O Audio™ Interval Waterproof Headphone System, specially made for the 4th generation iPod® Shuffle™.

    • For the iPod Shuffle (4th gen).
    • Case is waterproof to 12 feet.
    • Has push-button controls so you can utilize all features of your Shuffle, even underwater.
    • Easily attaches to almost any swim goggle.
    • Includes 5 sizes of earplugs so you have a secure fit.
    • Headphones have 8mm neodymium drivers to amplify bass sounds.
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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  • 3.5 Review Stars (24 Reviews)

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  • 4/27/2013 latch needs to be improved.

    3 Review Stars By Carmen A.

    I returned the product because it came with a defective latch.   Improving this would be a better product;.
    customer Service was professional and helpful.

    Carmen A.

  • 8/16/2011 Leaky

    1 Review Stars By Adelle R.

    I was incredibly excited about this!  The shuffle snaps right in, and it really is waterproof.  Awesome!  HOWEVER, the earplugs leak like sieves and fall out.  Often.  It comes with a set of different size plugs, and encourages users to try different sizes.  I have tried all of them, multiple times.  None of them work.  I can't stand having water in my ears while swimming, and of course I can't stand having dangling earbuds trailing when they fall out after a flip turn.  The company seems to know the plugs need serious improvement, as they suggest checking back with them about new/improved styles of plugs.  So here's hoping there will come up with some.  As of now, this is a completely useless gadget--a $90 plastic case sitting in the bottom of my swim bag.

    Adelle R.
    San Diego, CA

  • 4/20/2013 Fantastic product ... only thing....

    4 Review Stars By Carmen A.

    The only thing wrong with this product is the little handle the latch is to be securing the water from coming into the device.  Once you get this model idea fixed .... you have an awesome product.

    Carmen A.

  • 10/22/2011 I agree

    2 Review Stars By Elizabeth

    I too have had a terrible time with the earplugs falling out. I have yet to do a couple of lengths before having to stop and replug, so to speak.  As much as it is annoying I LOVE the idea. It has added a new dimension to swimming for me. How about ear phones that cover the ear rather than plugs? I use Bose when I travel. Maybe they would design something that would be submersible.  Who knows, worth a try.

    vancouver b.c.

  • 3/14/2013 Mixed Results

    3 Review Stars By Frosty

    I love the concept...  Being able to listen to some music while swimming is great.  However, I cannot get the damn earplugs to stay in my ears - they continually pop out and actuall cause a distraction to my swim workout.

    If someone can tell me a secret as to how to get them to stay in my ears (No... I am not using Super Glue!  Ha!), please let me know!

    Rindge, NH

  • 11/23/2011 H2O Audio Interval - A

    5 Review Stars By LoveGear63

    I have been a customer and user of H2O Audio products for many years, and my favorite product is their Interval swim solution. They've had 4 generations of the Interval and it is designed to house an iPod Shuffle and it attaches to your swim goggles. For swimmers like me, staring at the bottom of the pool can be pretty boring and swimming with my music changed my entire outlook about the pool. Swimming with music is amazing and helps the time go way faster when training. The trick to using the product is to make sure you use the right size ear tips for your ears. H2O includes 5 ear tip sizes in the box and also has a separate kit you can buy with 8 more sizes. You have to take the time to find the right size ear tips and put them in while your ears are dry. Once you learn how to get the right "seal" in your ear, believe me swimming will never be the same.

    San Diego, CA

  • 2/7/2013 h20 audio waterproof mp3 player

    5 Review Stars By catylakeland

    this is a great waterproof headset that attaches to your goggles.It sounds great.I  had problems with the first one after a year and a half(the case was hard to open and close)and the case finally broke.It was heavily used too(5-6 times a week).The second one doesn't get stuck like the first one-

    Wilmington DE

  • 11/25/2011 h2o audio system

    5 Review Stars By Karen M.

    Love this product- makes swimming as good as it possibly can be- an added dimension listening to music while swimming. Use a cap with it earphones and it works perfectly, but also worked well without cap. Have bought 2, one for myself and one for partner.

    Karen M.
    Ellington, CT

  • 1/24/2013 Works great!

    5 Review Stars By Luann A.

    I really like using the H2O audio while swimming laps and doing drills in the pool. I normally swim alone and this surely helps pass the time while working on my swim for triathlon training. The ear pieces are comfortable and it is super easy to use.

    Luann A.
    Brandon, MS

  • 1/3/2012 The best!

    5 Review Stars By Steffi

    Absolutely outstanding.  The earpieces can be a bit tricky.  Your ears have to be dry from the beginning otherwise they will fall out.  Patients is required and the reward is absolutely the best state of mind during your workouts.

    Lexington, KY

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H2O Audio

H2O Audio was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California just as a new era of digital music and portable MP3 players began to give people outstanding on-the-go audio quality. As an avid watersports lover, founder Kristian Rauhala wanted to extend this MP3-use to the pool and the ocean. Over the past ten years, H2O Audio has perfected a line of waterproof headphones and cases that are guaranteed to give swimmers and watersport enthusiasts the best possible sound experience.

Today, H2O Audio is a leader in the field of waterproof headphones and iPod accessories, creating products with superior underwater sound. H2O Audio partners directly with leading MP3 manufactures to offer a line of rugged and practical casings, patented waterproof headphones, and underwater accessories.

Established by athletes for athletes, H2O Audio is made up of a team of avid swimmers, surfers, wake-boarders, sky-boarders, and kayakers. The product design and development is based on years of prototypes and close collaboration with top athletes like Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett, and surfer Laird Hamilton.

H2O Audio's corporate headquarters are just feet from the ocean (in other words, testing grounds) in Pacific Beach, California. The company continues to offer something that functions well in any conditions, providing water-based athletes with nothing less than an exceptional audio experience, no matter the conditions.