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FINIS PT Paddles

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This unconventional paddle is designed to decrease the propulsive power of your hands, forcing you to develop a more efficient... Read More
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    This unconventional paddle is designed to decrease the propulsive power of your hands, forcing you to develop a more efficient swimming stroke, and training your muscle-memory for long-lasting results.  

    • Develops strength around the core, elbow and forearm
    • Enhances overall feel for the water
    • Improves hip rotation and body-positioning
    • Soft, durable PU material
    • Resists chlorine and UV damage
    • Adjustable straps

    For a detailed review by Gold Medalist Mark Gangloff click here

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  • 8/13/2013 Great for training!

    4 Review Stars By Purple Cat Coach

    These paddles are wonderful to assist you in finding the optimal heavy water to pull.  They "slip" through the water and as your brain/body struggles to find the feel of the heaviest water to pull, you learn.  Take them off and you feel the most powerful swim of your life.
    They are a bit of a nuisance to strap and the straps break easily.

    Purple Cat Coach

  • 5/28/2010 They Work

    4 Review Stars By M

    These should be called "anti-paddles."  When you first put them on it can feel a bit awkward but they do what they say they do, provided you actually know what a proper freestyle catch and pull is.  If you don't they will just frustrate you.  However, if you know what a good catch and pull is, or are at least willing to work at it, but don't know how to train your neurological pathways to consistently obtain it, these will help.  Definitely force me to a high elbow catch and EVF style stroke if i want to go anywhere with them on.  Also can bring out hidden instabilities in your core and timing and thus encourages good core rhythm also.  While fist drills can do the same, these put your hand in a more relaxed normal position so I find them more comfortable and beneficial for longer drill sets.    They add some weight to your hands too on the recovery which can actually be beneficial to developing a good leading elbow/relaxed forearm recovery if that is your recovery style.  

    As far as negatives: One minor negative is that they have some positive buoyancy. Not a lot but enough that you notice.  Doesn't seem to be causing any problems or affecting my stroke negatively though. Also, I think someone who is not already an efficient swimmer with good feel for the water may be frustrated by these. Or if you swim with a pronounce s-style pull and no high elbow catch these are not for you (unless of course you want to change that). I give them 4 stars because of these negatives.

    All in all I have found them to be a worth while training tool and I would buy them again.

    Newport News, VA

  • 1/13/2013 The work!!

    5 Review Stars By Dana S.

    Felt like I had no propulsion which is exactly what these are intended to do. They are def making me a better swimmer by correcting my form

    Dana S.
    North Weymouth, MA

  • 3/27/2010 New Paddles

    1 Review Stars By Fernando T.

    I cannot see nor feel the benefits by using these paddles.

    Fernando T.
    Kingwood, TX

  • 12/27/2012 balanced vs unbalanced

    5 Review Stars By Nick Stanko

    Using the PT paddles helps me feel the difference between being balanced and unbalanced in the water.  Compared to swimming with fist, these paddles allow you to keep your hand in a normal position and still feel the water... but you can't anchor onto the water with your hand.  Highly recommended.

    Nick Stanko

  • 5/2/2012 Finis PT paddles

    5 Review Stars By Sandra C.

    Great product for teaching holding water through stroke cycle.

    Sandra C.
    Statesville, NC

  • 2/29/2012 Works as advertised

    5 Review Stars By Dan

    I swim an hour every day for exercise and bought these because I wanted to improve my swimming technique. For a while, I used to do a fist to simulate the same idea, but these work much better. The biggest advantage I first noticed was that they push your elbows higher, which is something I really struggled with. But there were other good things, too, like better body roll, using my lats and core muscles instead of relying heavily on shoulder muscles. Long-term, the biggest benefit is in avoiding shoulder injuries, both from bad technique, which these help you correct, as well as from relying solely on shoulder muscles/overworking them. I have noticed a big difference in how my shoulders feel. And I noticed the difference almost instantly, within a day or two after I started using these, which is amazing. If you know what you're doing, these are a great tool. If you are just starting out swimming or getting the basics of the freestyle stroke, I would recommend that you stay away from these until you become more advanced as these will frustrate you, as is evident by other reviews here. The only minor downside/design flaw I found with these is that the rubber band in the middle is a bit uncomfortable, so I decided to take it off altogether and it works just fine. Other than that, I think it's pretty well designed (well, so far, anyway - I've only been using these for a few weeks).

    St. Louis, MO

  • 11/18/2011 WOW! Buy these to improve.

    5 Review Stars By Sapo Blanco

    Put these on your hands and swim. Without proper body roll and  mechanics you won't go anywhere. These also protect your shoulders.  If you know how to use them, and are willing to push yourself -really push yourself, you will improve. If your mind is closed, or you're lazy -don't buy them.

    Sapo Blanco
    Concord, Ca

  • 10/4/2011 Fantastic

    5 Review Stars By Jake S.

    Feedback from our athletes has been tremendous.  Greatly helps improve early vertical forearm with hip driven and shoulder driven freestyle.

    Jake S.
    Lynchburg, VA

  • 8/22/2010 You'll drown before you improve your stroke!

    1 Review Stars By Patrick C.

    Poorly designed, poorly executed, just plain weird training tool. Is less effective than training with rocks in your hands...silly concept. For those dumb enough to try anything.

    Patrick C.
    Sherman Oaks, CA

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FINIS is Latin for "The End" or "Finale", and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line. Founded in 1993, FINIS provides highly technical competition suits, training equipment, child water-safety products and high end goggles. Their very popular SwiMP3 water-proof digital media player is revolutionary in its streamlined design, enabling a swimmer to listen to music while practicing laps and other exercises in the pool.