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These FINIS Bolster Paddles help with proper technique, especially in freestyle swimming although it can be used in all... Read More
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    These FINIS Bolster Paddles help with proper technique, especially in freestyle swimming although it can be used in all strokes. It is similar to the FINIS™ Forearm Fulcrum, but provides resistance unlike the Forearm Fulcrum.


    • Helps to prevent swimmers from over-bending at the wrist.
    • Encourages a high elbow and creates early vertical forearm which is desirable when swimming freestyle.
    • Includes forearm paddle and promotes all around proper stroke technique: on the entry, catch, pull, and recovery.
    • Designed to help people put their wrist and elbow in correct position in the front of the stroke by keeping their wrist from bending.
    • Both a stroke development tool and a training paddle.
    • Its unique design conforms more closely to the swimmer's anatomy - when it comes to paddle blade, hand and forearm position - than any paddle on the market.
    • By keeping the wrist from bending, the Bolster forces the swimmer to develop a forearm dominant stroke and keeps the elbow up and in position to provide more propulsion.
    • This also provides for more uniform application of force from the finger tips up through the forearm eliminating any soft spots and providing more propulsive force with each stroke movement-- for all 4 strokes.
    • The Bolster can be used when swimming IM's, and is also useful to train the muscle memory.
    • Please Note: Each order will come with 2 paddles.
    • Promotes an Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) Position: Use the entire forearm and hand to create uniform application of force.
    • Strength and Resistance Training: Builds upper body strength.
    • Easy-to-Adjust Velcro Strap: Improved design comfortably holds wrist into place.
    • Creates Muscle Memory: Develop a forearm dominant stroke with a high elbow position to provide more propulsion.
    • All Four Swim Strokes: Promotes EVF Technique with all four competitive strokes.

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    4/9/2021 Focus on forearms

    4 Review Stars By Tri Swim

    Positive - isolates wrist/forearm which gives it a different feel and focus compared to regular paddles, multiple locations for placing rubber straps (see image)

    Negative - Velcro strap gets in the way of my watch (see image), after a period of time the Velcro would come undone with lots of use in water which I found odd.

    Tri Swim
    Dallas, TX

  • 1/14/2009 really changed my workout

    4 Review Stars By tdelborne

    These paddles really added a strength building component to my swim workout that was missing.  They are great at improving form, as they make you quite aware of the angle at which your hand enters the water.  I haven't quite figured out the little black strap that is supposed to hold the paddle to your fingers.  It falls out.  It is possible that I am attaching it improperly, but I still feel that the paddle does what it is supposed to do and is a high quality product.

    golden, CO

  • 7/6/2017 Rubber hoses were not installed; took intense effort to pull them through

    1 Review Stars By Michael Z.

    The factory in China forgot to put the rubber hoses in the holes. Installed them myself, but it was a huge struggle that took nearly an hour. Tried pliers to pull them through, but that shredded the rubber. Ended up cutting the tips with a scissors to a much steeper angle, and then pulled and pulled and pulled and  pulled. My finger is blistered, and my wrist and shoulder are sore, though I am a strong adult male. Tried using soap as a lubricant, but it did not work. Spit helped a little bit  as a lubricant. Even if they work great in the pool, this manufacturing lapse drops the grade to a single star.

    Michael Z.

  • 1/30/2017 Better stroke assured!!

    5 Review Stars By CMR

    Those paddles are easy to strap on your arms and they do correct the movement of the arm very quickly.

    The only thing I struggled with is the rubber piece that needs to be inserted in the wide part of the paddle, as it kept breaking when I tried to insert it. The manufacturer should include an extra piece.

    Livermore, CA

  • 5/7/2014 wouldn't buy

    2 Review Stars By love2swim

    didn't work as expected.  I have big arms and the straps didn't fit around.  Fix was to take one side out of the slot.  It also didn't help with my freestyle.  The paddles straps around my fingers/hands are didn't hold well it would get loose.

    Fremont, CA

  • 3/25/2014 interesting concept

    4 Review Stars By Susan R.

    I like the idea,  and it does work...HOWEVER, it is only one size,  and for some is too big,  and for others is too small.  At 6" tall,  it's too small for me.  For my 5-8 year old swimmers,  it's too big.  For my 10-12 year old swimmers is just right,  and would probably be good for smaller adults.

    Susan R.

  • 12/8/2012 They are ok not great

    3 Review Stars By A.Amin

    These paddles are ok but not great, they will not enhance your stroke technique any more than a regular simple speedo paddles will do. I bought them because I have a tiny and weak wrist, and it did help support my wrist but found it hard to do flip turns, maybe that will improve as I get more use to the paddle. I'm a 57 years old Olympian back in the day, i swim 3 miles almost every day and have every paddles you can think of and still like the simple rectangular speedo paddles, they will do the job.

    Libertyville, Illinois

  • 6/24/2012 worth the money

    5 Review Stars By Holly H.

    They are a great training tool to help straighten out the wrist. Also purchased the fulcrum paddles.  Her coach uses them both for different exercises.

    Holly H.
    Peoria, AZ

  • 3/27/2012 Great teaching tool

    5 Review Stars By Ally

    I have used them and I can feel the difference in my pull.  I have also had my master's swimmers use them.  Many of them are also benefitting from the wrist part.


  • 3/7/2010 Great teaching tool

    5 Review Stars By Jacob S.

    I was skeptical at first but gave in and bought these for my college team.  A great mix between a regular paddle and the forearm fulcrum. You can definitely see the difference when the athletes wear these and I am excited to experiment with them more.  They HAVE to have their hands in the right position to pull as the device does not let you bend your wrist.  Very much like the forearm fulcrum but easier to use and of course the paddle is nice for training as well.  The Bolster is very good at teaching the "kayak paddle" or "meathook" freestyle that is so important for 50/100 speed development.  I haven't tried them with the athletes on the power tower yet but i think that will work quite well with a lower weight.  I don't know if these should ever take the place of regular paddles but I see no reason why these wouldn't be awesome for pulling sets or general aerobic swimming.  Not sure you could sprint well with them but again for aerobic swimming it can really help save the technique, especially for the 50/100 types who can't afford to be laying out flat on that hand.

    Jacob S.
    Lynchburg, VA

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