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Xcel Women's Drylock L/S Rashguard
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Xcel Women's 3/2MM Xplorer OS Fullsuit
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Xcel Men's 4/3MM Drylock TDC Hooded Fullsuit
    Xcel Men's 3/2MM Axis X2 Fullsuit
      Xcel Kids' 3/2MM Axis X1 Fullsuit
        Xcel 3MM Drylock TDC Round Toe Bootie
          Xcel Men's 3/2MM Axis OS Fullsuit
            Xcel Men's 4/3MM Axis X2 Fullsuit
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            Xcel Women's 4/3MM Infiniti TDC XS Fullsuit
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            Xcel Men's 3/2MM Drylock TDC Fullsuit
              Xcel Men's 4/3MM Drylock TDC Fullsuit
                Xcel Men's 5/4MM Infiniti TDC X2 Hooded Fullsuit
                  Xcel Men's 4/3MM Infiniti TDC X2 Fullsuit
                    Xcel Kids' 4/3MM Revolt TDC X2 Fullsuit
                      Xcel Women's 4/3MM Axis X2 Fullsuit
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                      Xcel Men's 4/3MM Axis OS Fullsuit
                        Xcel 3MM Drylock TDC 5 Finger Glove
                          Xcel 3MM Xplorer Split Toe Bootie
                            Xcel 2MM Drylock TDC Hood W/ Neck Dam
                              Xcel Youth 3MM Xplorer Round Toe Bootie
                                Xcel Boys' Heathered VentX S/S Surf Shirt
                                  Xcel Women's 4/3MM Xplorer OS Fullsuit
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                                  ABOUT Xcel

                                  Founded in 1982 by Ed D'Ascoli, Xcel International, Inc.™ (Xcel) is dedicated to exceptional product quality through research, development, and design innovation. Drawing upon his enthusiasm and experience D'Ascoli quickly laid the foundations of a core wetsuit company that would revolutionize the industry and push the cutting edge of material and design development.

                                  No shortage of inspiration here; XCEL, Inc. continues to create and connect high-performance products with the athletes who demanded them. Xcel's passionate focus on product development has become the defining characteristic of the brand. With Xcel rashguards, surf shirts, wetsuits and life vests watermen, women and kids will be better prepared for water sports.

                                  Xcel's primary markets include surf, dive, wakeboard, paddle, stand up paddle board (SUP) and UV sun-protection apparel. With tropical to cold-water products for men, women, and kids, Xcel stresses performance: maximum stretch and durability, sealed-seam construction, and a fit that feels custom-made every time. Xcel has so many different rashguards for everyone in the family, that it is easy to find your perfect second skin.