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TYR Aqua Shift

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TYR Aqua Shift


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Aqua Shift provides a significant reduction in wave and pressure drag through the theoretical and practical application of Tripwires(TM). After studying and dissecting prior research as building blocks, such as the Onera experiment, TYR's experts became the first ever to decompose drag. The end result is a dramatic reduction in overall drag and what will be considered as the most hydrodynamically efficient swimsuit on earth. Unheard of in the science world. Unheard of in your world.


Where the progressive, contemporary print meets the Tripwire you can't help but equate Aqua Shift suits with the enigmatic complexity and exploration of Saturn and its rings. Although all of the Tripwires are extremely important, there are three key Tripwires - one at the top, one on the back and one at the bottom. Aggressive to the eye, they're far from gratuitous. Each one is scientifically placed to catapult you through the water the moment the laminar flow quickly becomes turbulent.

The fabric goes through several treatments, such as a thermal heat application that sears it into a silky-smooth water repellent finish. All these treatments combined will minimize drag and micro-turbulence while enhancing hydrodynamic efficiency and glide time. The fabric's modular strength provides advance compression dynamics for a tight, uniform fit thanks to a high-density power and memory technology that contains body mass while improving muscle performance and recovery.




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