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Teeny Wingkini Products


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ABOUT Teeny Wingkini

Your little girl's fantasy can now become reality. Teeny Wingkini offers fairy-inspired swimwear, combining the durability of a swimsuit with a fairy wingkini costume. Stacey Linde put her two favorite past times as a little girl together with her favorite fairy costumes and having fun in the sun at the pool. Teeny Wingkini is the first swimwear to come with matching, detachable waterproof wings. Your little girl can now store her water treasures in the wing's zipper pouch. Don't worry about rusting! All wings are framed with safe, plastic tubing that's made to get wet. The Teeny Wingkini collection is comprised of: Bumbalina, Bellarina, Searra, Gabriella, Valentina and Li'l Lady. Each wingkini has her own story and a specially designed one piece swimsuit, complete with matching wings and a secret compartment.

  • Meet the six fairy wingkinis:
    1. Li'l Lady loves to smell the flowers and dream upon the leaves. She loves her sweets..she's kind and neat…like a Li'l Lady should be!
    2. Bumbalina is a busy bee. She loves to work and play.."Bizz"ness is her first true love, she'll "buzz" around all day!
    3. Bellarina loves to dance…she loves to do ballet. This fairy princess points her toes and takes your breath away!
    4. Valentina has the biggest heart, she wears it on her wings. She's full of love…flying up above. She loves to swim and sing!
    5. Gabriella, she's the little Miss Sunshine that will brighten up the day. Flowers are her friends…she loves to smile and play!
    6. Searra, she's a fairy, she's a mermaid…Wingkini of the sea. She swims and flies, has big blue eyes and happy as can be!

Your little girl will want to wear these swimsuits around all year, letting her imagination come to life with her favorite wingkini fairy.



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