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    • Made in the USA from the highest quality materials.
    • is happy to offer Turbo custom sublimated water polo suits, water polo caps, robes and towels.

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    Sublimation is an excellent option for custom team apparel. It involves using high temperature and pressure to fuse ink directly into the fabric prior to being manufacturing. Dyes are turned into gas in order to fully permeate the fibers so the garment can be washed without damaging the quality of the graphics. This dying process allows for a wide array of design possibilities to create a high-quality, long-lasting, and very unique finished product.

    Advantages of Sublimated Apparel

    · Images do not peel or fade
    · Colors can be much brighter
    · Graphics and images can be printed on the entire garment Customs Pricing Turbo Pricing


    What are Screens?

    Consider screens as stencils that the ink is put through onto the material, and each color used needs a screen. When calculating the cost of the customized garment you have to look and see how many colors your logo has, and this will tell you how many screens you have.

    Screen Printing Prices

    QTY 1 2 3 4
    12-35 $3.00$3.75 $4.75 $5.75
    36-71 $2.25 $2.75 $3.75 $4.75
    72-143 $1.75 $2.25 $3.25 $4.25
    144-288 $1.65$2.00$2.50 $3.25
    288+ $1.50 $1.75 $2.00 $2.25

    · Screen Fees are $15/Color (and for each size of the logo).
    · Artwork needs to be in .eps or .pdf format.
    · 5 Business Day Turnaround time from receiving artwork and order confirmation,
    then your choice of shipping method time.



    Digitizing is when a file is changed from an image for print to an image for sewing. Each part of the design must be carefully chosen to guide the needle and the thread to re-create the logo for embroidery. The digitizing fee will be applied to each logo size.

    SMALLUp to 4"$30.00
    MEDIUM4" x 4" up to 8" x 8"$40.00
    LARGE8" X 8" up to 11" x 16"$50.00

    * No digitzing fee for orders involving quantities of 12 or more.

    There is an embroidery fee applied to each garment and is based on the size of the text or logo (see
    chart below)


    Quantities: 6-35 36-71 72-99 100+
    Small Text
    Up to 4"x4"
    $6 $5 $4 $3
    Large Text
    4"x4" to 11"x16"
    $8 $7 $6 $5
    Small Logo
    Up to 4"x4"
    $8 $7 $6 $5
    Large Logo
    4"x4" to 11"x16"
    $16 $14 $12 $10


    Placement can be on the front or back of garment
    Up to 4" x 4"
    Placement can be on the front or back of garment without a zipper. Can be placed on the back only if garment has a zipper.
    Up to 8" x 8"
    Placement on back only
    Up to 11" x 16"


    Block (Calisto Font) or Cursive (Brushed Script Font) font is offered as standard options for garments. Other simple fonts can be selected (restrictions do apply). If a specific font is used, it may require a digitizing fee for quantities under 12.

    Tackle Twill

    Tackle Twill is poly-twill fabric numbers and letters that are pre cut and adhered to various garments. The letters are tacked onto a garment using an adhesive spray, once the letters have been secured to the garment, the edges are sewn with either a zig-zag or satin stitch of the same or different color. Up to two colors can be chosen per design.


    Tackle Twill Font Options

    Pro Block Lettering

    Pro Block Lettering


    Heat transfer is a process that uses high heat and various transferable materials to press images and text onto clothing, and gear. offers three types of heat presses: full color, solid vinyl, and mesh. Heat transfer is a low cost, way to customize your gear and apparel. Prices for these options are listed below.

    Full Color Heat Transfer

    Full color heat transfer is an opaque printable material which will allow full color designs to be printed, without the high cost that typically comes with full color printing. The great thing about this application is that it can be used on most fabrics, and will stretch with the material without damaging the image.

    Vinyl Heat Transfer

    Vinyl heat transfer is one solid color of vinyl used to create a cut out, which is then applied to the product using heat. Only one color can be applied to the design. This option is offered in White, Black, Navy, Royal, Cyan, Marlin Teal, Green, Neon Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange, Red, Cardinal, Maroon, and Purple.

    Mesh Heat Transfer

    Mesh heat transfer is one solid color of vinyl that is specially made to create cut-outs for mesh products, which is then applied to the product using heat. Only one color can be applied to the design. This option is offered only in White.

    Locations on Suits

    The standard customized logo locations on suits are as follows:

    Custom Capabilities
    Women's Suit
    Center Chest
    Men's Brief
    Left Hip
    Men's Jammer
    Left Leg

    Logos can be placed in other locations, as long as the splice or seam is not in the way for screening. Also, in some instances the brand logo is on the left side of the men's suit, in which case the logo usually goes on the opposite side.

    Heat Press Prices (Suits)

    SIZEQTY 1-23QTY 24+
    Up to 4" x 8"$6.00$4.00
    • Artwork needs to be in .eps or .pdf format.
    • 7-10 Business Day Turnaround time once artwork is approved and order is confirmed, then your choice of shipping method time.

    SIZEQTY 1-23QTY 24+
    Up to 4" x 8"$6.00$4.00
    Up to 10" x 10"$8.00$6.00
    Up to 15" x 19"$10.00$8.00

    *Prices do not include garment or any applicable art charges.
    If needed, an art charge of $25.00 will be applied. True vector eps, cdr, jpeg or psd files accepted.
    300 dpi minimum.


    Customize or personalize any of our medals with engraving!

    $3 per medal (in addition to the price of the medal)
    Up to 3 lines of text per medal
    Up to 30 character total per medal


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