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Spectrum Products


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Spectrum 4'6 Stanchion Posts
Spectrum Sheridan Storage Reel
Spectrum Cover Sheridan Reel
Spectrum SS Anchors (2 required) for BB Hoop
Spectrum CPB Cup Anchor 3 Round
Spectrum Stachion Sliding Rings 1.90 O.D.
Spectrum Aspen/Freedom/Traveler Remote
Spectrum Sapphire Guard Chair Anchor
Spectrum Fixed Anchoring Assembly (For Units Prior to 3/12)
Spectrum Fixed Anchoring Assy (for Portable units)
Spectrum Anchor Set Tool
Spectrum Freedom Lift Arms
Spectrum Traveler/Aspen/Freedom Battery Pack
Spectrum 2 Bend 72 Rail
Spectrum Kokanee 60 Rail
Spectrum 3 Bend 72 Rail
Spectrum Summit 400WPM (not ADA compliant) Anchor Kit
Spectrum 3 Bend 60 Rail
Spectrum 2 Bend 60 Rail
Spectrum Kokanee 48 Rail
    Spectrum 3 Bend 48 Rail
    Spectrum 2 Bend 48 Rail
    Spectrum Bronze 6 Stanchion Anchor Kit 1.90
    Spectrum Stainless Steel Cup Anchor 4
    Spectrum Hyalite/Stimson Guard Chair Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Traveler Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Mendota Guard Chair Ballast Tank
    Spectrum Dual Post Anchor Set 6 w/Caps
    Spectrum Summit 500 Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Aspen and Freedom Anchor Kit
    Spectrum Traveler Lift Cover
    Spectrum Aspen and Freedom Lift Cover
    Spectrum Lolo/Gallatin WP400 Lift Cover
    Spectrum Starting Platform Soft Cover
    Spectrum Portable ADA Lifts Lift Cover
    Spectrum Dual Post Anchor Set 10 w/Caps
    Spectrum Varden 48 Rail
    Spectrum 2-Tread 25 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Coho 26 Grab Rail
    Spectrum 2-Tread 27 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Marshall Guard Chair Ballast Assembly
    Spectrum Discovery Guard Chair Ballast Assembly
    Spectrum Swimlift Water box
    Spectrum Varden 60 Rail
    Spectrum Single Post Anchor Starting Block
    Spectrum 3-Tread 25 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 2-Tread 36 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Dawson Support Legs 7 Setback
    Spectrum 2-Tread 30 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Preset Swimlift Anchor
    Spectrum Retrofit Swimlift Anchor
    Spectrum Cisco 26 Grab Rail
    Spectrum Burbot 26 Grab Rail
    Spectrum Cisco 30 Grab Rail
    Spectrum 3-Tread 27 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum 3-Tread 30 Standard Ladder
    Spectrum Triple Flume Rear Stair Pool Slide
    Spectrum Double Flume Slides on Right & Left Rear Stair Pool Slide
    Spectrum Double Flume Slides on Left & Center Rear Stair Pool Slide
    Spectrum Double Flume Slides on Right & Center Rear Stair Pool Slide
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    ABOUT Spectrum

    For over 40 years, Spectrum Aquatics® has been meeting and beating aquatic industry standards. Spectrum manufactures a broad array of quality, aquatic products used in the construction and operation of commercial swimming pools and spas. Spectrum believes in building long-term relationships and wishes to exceed the expectations of those who specify and use their products. They manufacture the finest products in the industry – possessing outstanding quality and workmanship – and their technical information support system is unequaled.

    Spectrum is highly regarded within the pool and spa industry and is acknowledged for:

    • Quality products with competitive pricing.
    • On time delivery.
    • Leadership in innovative products.
    • Friendly and caring customer service.
    • Superior engineering and field sales support.