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Triathlon Wetsuits

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Triathlon Wetsuits

Wetsuits are a great way to keep you warm in cold waters while participating in activities such as surfing and triathlons. A wetsuit works by allowing a thin layer of water to penetrate the suit for insulation. The layer of water between your skin and the suit becomes warm due to body heat and allows you to comfortably swim in cold waters.

In addition to keeping you warm, wetsuits also reduce drag and add buoyancy so that you can easily float in the water. This is a much-needed quality for when you grow tired and need a little boost. You can also customize your wetsuit to fit your every need. They come in an array of cuts, thickness levels, stitching, and zipper styles which makes them suitable for any open water activity with varying temperatures. Next time you find yourself in cold water, sport a wetsuit for ease and increased comfort.




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