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Specialty Swimwear

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Specialty Swimwear

No two women are the same and SwimOutlet knows that. We want to give swim gear that suits all the needs of our shoppers and our specialty swimwear caters to those ladies who want water wear to fit her body and personality. If you want or need to cover up more than a modest maillot allows or if you have a baby on board, we have suits that still show off your style. Our collection of tan-thru, modest, maternity and post-mastectomy swimwear is broad and bold, with fun styles to outfit your outside to match your inside.

Maternity wear from EQ Swimwear, post-mastectomy suits from Topanga, modest choices from Splashgear and tan-thru gear from Solar are all available through SwimOutlet. Browse our collection and choose the piece that complements your style the best.