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Women's Triathlon Clothing

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Women's Triathlon Clothing

Triathlon clothing is specially designed to help you power through your triathlon with comfort and ease. When training, you can pair a supportive sports bra with compression clothing to get the most out of your workout. Swimoutlet has sports bras for every size that can offer ventilation and moisture-wicking. Compression clothing is also great for improving circulation through its tight-fitting design.

When your triathlon approaches, you have multiple apparel options that can aid you throughout the race. A tri suit is a fantastic item to wear throughout the whole race. It has quick-drying capabilities that allow you to easily transition from swim to bike without feeling weighed down by water. You can also opt for a tri top and tri shorts combo which have similar tri suit benefits like moisture wicking, ventilation, and sun protection. Lastly, swimskins can help you glide through the water at impeccable speeds due to their light, hydrophobic properties. Whether you're training or competing, Swimoutlet has everything you need to succeed!




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