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ABOUT Ryan Lochte Products

Ryan Lochte has taken the world by storm….and not just in the water. He's the newest face on the media market today for athletes, fans and swimmers everywhere. His confident sense of style and personable attitude has attracted the attention of sports' fans all over the world. Now, the Gold Medalist brings us his own line of products to satisfy our Lochte obsession with sunglasses and a hardcore workout DVD.

The three-time Olympian graduated from the University of Florida in 2007, continuing his quest for Olympic victory in Athens, Beijing and most recently, London. The world watched as Lochte took home medal after medal. After the 2012 London Olympic Games, his face was everywhere, along with his patented phrase of "Jeah." The lifestyle of work hard, play hard can be seen through Lochte's incredible work ethic in the water and his "hang loose" image outside the pool as well. This Florida native has branched his way into the celebrity spotlight through TV appearances, endorsements and magazines. In 2012, Lochte appeared in an episode of 30 Rock and 90210. Host Seth MacFarlane parodied Lochte in "Saturday Night Live," playing up his laid-back personality with humorous statements and comical maneurisms.

The Ryan Lochte Product line gives you one-of-a-kind sunglasses to show off your inner Olympian. Just like Lochte's personality, these products are bright, colorful and filled with pride for America, proudly displaying the American flag on certain glasses. Lochte hopes to continue his quest for success in Brazil for the 2016 Olympics. In the meantime, the world watches as Lochte brands his name and face on products like his custom Speedo shoes, decked out in neon green and rhinestones. An outrageous pair of sneakers to match his infamous talent on and under the water.



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