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AudioFlood 2GB Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle (4th Gen)

AudioFlood 2GB Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle (4th Gen) Reviews

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4.5 star rating (85 Reviews)

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  • 9/19/2014 Life changer

    rating star By Aga

    What a great way to spend hours in the pool! The iPod itself, awesome purchase. The headphones leave much to be desired. After 5 uses the sound was awful and I had to buy more expensive ones. The ear pieces also took some getting used to;  however, I heard that using the smaller inserts with Vaseline helped to keep the water out and the music in.

    Tampa, FL


  • 2/4/2016 Excellent product and excellent customer service

    rating star By janlang

    I had a response to an email and a fix to my problem in less than 24 hours!  Great product too. Listening to music is really enjoyable while swimming laps!!



  • 1/28/2016 Best "toy" ever!

    rating star By Lapswimmr

    I've used a number of less expensive MP3 players for swimming, and finally decided to 'invest' in this one. It is by far my favorite. Be prepared to answer a LOT of questions- Once you're seen with them at the pool, EVERYONE will want them.

    It makes long workouts in the pool a lot more bearable! I load it with music and books on tape, and swim away. The 'pause' feature is great, especially with books on tape, because you can pause the player at whatever point you are at, and restart there the next time you're swimming.

    The earbuds that come with this are the best I've used yet- The short, coiled cord is GREAT because it doesn't get in the way. I suppose my only complaint about them is that the seal is almost too good- They can be tough to get out of your ears!

    Of course, it helps that I have all apple products already- So all my music was ready to load. It made managing my music super easy. I just manually manage the music content on this player, and reload different songs as I see fit.

    Athens, TN


  • 12/10/2015 Love this waterproof Shuffle!!

    rating star By Julie Scott

    Swimming has never been better.  I actually bought my iPod Shuffle from AudioFlood in April of 2015 and wanted to wait awhile before writing a review.  At first, I had trouble getting the headphones to seal (small ear canals).  I emailed AudioFlood customer support and had immediate help.  I switched the size of the tree shaped ear buds and they suggested that I try putting a little Aquaphor on them to help get a better seat.  It worked!!!  I have been swimming for months now with no problems.  The sound is great and it makes an awesome physical activity even more enjoyable.  I use them in the pool and for open water swimming as well.  The customer service from AudioFlood was top notch.  I have been recommending them to other swimmers at my YMCA.

    Julie Scott
    Spokane, WA


  • 10/7/2015 Great product and wonderful customer service from AudioFlood

    rating star By Cordelia

    I love this iPod Shuffle and it makes my longer swims in the pool much less tedious.
    This is a great way to listen to your preferred music/talk/sound, when you are swimming alone in a pool.
    In nature, I prefer to listen to her sounds.
    I had a slight problem with the earphones in the beginning, so I wrote an e-mail message to AudioFlood explaining the issue. Not only did they provide me with a very thorough and clear explanation of how to fix it, but they also sent me an extra pair of earphones in case the adjustment didnĀ“t work.
    I recommend this product if you like to listen to music while you swim and I am very happy with the service from AudioFlood

    SanFrancisco and Sweden


  • 8/17/2015 Buy this!

    rating star By Mary Devon

    This product is sincerely wonderful. I've always wanted to listen to music while underwater/doing laps, and it is now possible. The tech is great, and it is comfortable. Whether you're listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, it will make your workout more fun and keep you swimming longer! I can't recommend it enough.

    Mary Devon
    San Francisco, CA


  • 6/29/2015 Great item- it's my new favorite toy!

    rating star By Lapswimmr

    One of the best investments I've made yet. It makes swimming laps a lot less boring, even entertaining. Prior to this, I had used a cheap waterproof MP3 player, which was difficult to use, and to load music on to.

    File management is easy with iTunes, especially since I was already using it with my iPhone. Adding another IPod was seamless. I've loaded music, podcasts, and books on tape.

    Controls are easy to use, and once you've learned what button does what it's easy to use. Some of the sequences required to do things like switch between playlists take some getting used to, especially in the water behind your head, but once you figure it out its fine.

    The headphones that it comes with are nice. I've had several pairs of waterproof headphones and have never been too happy with them, they always sound tinny... These are much better! They sound pretty good, and seal well. Also, these have nice short cords which are coiled and stay out of the way.

    I have no complaints at all,.. I just hope the waterproofing lasts. Only time will tell though.



  • 4/22/2015 Love this product

    rating star By Stacy

    Sound quality is good. Ear buds fit snug in my ears and keep the water out. Easy to use. Nicely clips to goggle straps. Comes with regular head phones also so can be used outside the pool.

    La Crosse, WI


  • 4/21/2015 Paradise Found

    rating star By Alice F.

    I have read every review on here. If the earbuds are falling out, you are wearing the wrong ones. Furthermore, you can buy different sizes to clip over the base to make it more comfortable. I am sure you have access to some type of Walmart like facility near you.
    I have found as a woman that putting a blob of hair in a ponytailish type form and clipping the iPod to it makes for great comfort in the water. Men may find the same comfort from a headband.
    To say this product is inadequate in anyway is inconceivable. Now, if there are factory malfunctions, please contact Apple. You should know that by now. Apple is its own life force. Any retailer is just any retailer. You could have bought it from Swim Buttlet and had the exact same response.
    My only thing to warn you about is this: If you allow your 17 year old to load music onto your iPod make sure you have a love of Pierce the Viel, Artic Monkeys, and My Chemical Romance. This is when you will wish the ear buds would fall out.

    Alice F.
    Martinsville, VA


  • 2/3/2015 Thank You AudioFlood

    rating star By Chris

    Awesomeness!!! The sound quality is the best I have heard for waterproof MP3. Highly recommend. I could swim for hours. Purchase for yourself and then tell your swimming friends.

    Kalmazoo, MI


  • 10/17/2014 love it

    rating star By doc

    It took a little time to figure out which size ear bud covers fit best. Since I figured that out, I have been delighted. I have been using it to swim a mile several times per week since April.

    Irmo, SC


  • 9/29/2014 Love this!

    rating star By Peggy27

    This is the 3rd waterproof ipod I've ordered - the first to be the sealed ipod itself.  I have used the waterproof holders in the past and this is far superior in sound quality and ease.  The earbuds are comfortable and the because the ipod clips directly to your swimcap you don't have to fool with the bulky holder.  I was skeptical at first but, when I saw someone emerge from the extremely harsh Big Shoulders swim in Chicago wearing one, I figured if it could withstand that pounding it had to be at least worth a try.  Down side:  I wish it came with a USB charging cable - that's kind of a pain to have to order that separately (and honestly, Apple - it's the least you can do).

    Detroit, MI


  • 7/20/2014 How to wear headphones

    rating star By Ralpho

    I love the Ipod and at first had the same problems everyone has with the ears would get water in them and the sound would go out. I was constantly stopping between laps to readjust. I used a swim cap thinking it would help keep them in and keep water out. That didn't work. In fact the cap seemed to dislodge the earbuds faster. I had had luck with a pair of headphones that had ear clips and the bud dropped from over the ear. The problem was the long cord. I experimented again with the supplied buds, but this time had the cord go over the top of the ear and then down to the ear-canal to insert. Voila!  This time the swim cap helped keep them in place and once inserted they NEVER came loose or filled with water again! Hope this hint helps.

    Easton, PA


  • 7/2/2014 Ear

    rating star By Ols swimmer

    When the ear plugs stay in, the sond is great. Can not get any of the ear plugs to stay in, even with a swim cap.

    Sorry I spent the money on the unit

    Ols swimmer
    Sebring, FL


  • 6/18/2014 Waterproof iPod Shuffle

    rating star By Robert

    This is a great product and I now have about 2 hours of music for lap swimming.  I'm having a problem getting the various ear pieces to stay in my ear, and have tried several.  And the music fades out if you do not have a good ear seal.  That is the only problem as I see it, just finding the right ear bud to fit your ear.  The kit comes with varying sizes, so it's a matter of trial and error.  Aside from that, it's easy to download music, either from your computer or purchase from iTunes.  Has great volume and advancing controls, easy when the pod is out of sight clipped on you cap.  Glad I sprung for it.

    South Carolina


  • 5/28/2014 Must have for my pool workouts

    rating star By Skygirl36

    Easily clips to goggle strap. Light weight. IPod stays in place while swimming. Earbuds are comfortable. No issues with water leaking in ears. After a month of use 3x a week in the pool I am still jammin to my tunes.

    Cleveland ohio


  • 4/9/2014 never swimming without it again

    rating star By David G.

    from the first minute i hit the water i loved it , it took me a minute to figure how to get it one my goggles and then my goggles on my face but then it was perfect after that  the ear phones worked great fit perfect  and the sound is fantastic
    as soon as i stepped out of the pool two people asked if that really was waterproof and how did it sound, so i think i got you two more customers

    David G.
    Lewiston, NY


  • 3/28/2014 AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffle

    rating star By Bruce

    easy to use, earphone extension is great, different choices for size of earphone are wonderful.

    Boulder, Co


  • 3/1/2014 AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffle Bundle (5th Gen)

    rating star By Deb

    LOVE IT!!!

    Lincoln, NE


  • 3/1/2014 Battery Quits

    rating star By Susan

    When I first used the device, it was "life changing" for my long aerobic swims, however; the battery only lasted one practice then died.  I am going to return and get a replacement.  If it isn't a faulty battery then i will return for a refund.  It isn't worth the money, if I have to charge it every night.

    philadelphia, pa


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