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TYR Catalyst Contour Training Paddles

TYR Catalyst Contour Training Paddles Reviews

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4.5 star rating (20 Reviews)

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  • 7/11/2014 Training paddles

    rating star By Wannabe Triathlete

    As a newbie swimmer I had seen others using training paddles & decided to order some along with a pair of training fins.
    Big feet need big fins, big hands need big paddles right? Wrong.
    I should have gotten smaller ones until I become strong enough & have proper technique to use paddles this large. According to my swim Instructor I can injure my shoulders & after using them only a couple of times I understand.
    I'll probably be ordering a pair much smaller.
    They're well made though with lots of options for hand placement

    Wannabe Triathlete
    Mt Airy, MD


  • 11/25/2013 Great Addition to any workout!

    rating star By Flip Flop Junkie

    My coach recommended I try training paddles to build my pull strength.  I am a swimmer who started later in life and my freestyle technique is not always the best but since I have been using these training paddles my technique, strength and endurance have all improved as well as my lap times.  The paddles are easy to use, the contour forms very well to the hand and there is no slipping when adjusted correctly.

    Flip Flop Junkie


  • 4/8/2015 love those, but watch out for the size!

    rating star By goldenlion

    those paddles are really sweet, they are a great addition to my training making it more efficient and got me some extra motivation! I just started swimming about 2 years ago (I'm 24) for some extra work out, I go 3 times a week but I'm not super strong. I ordered the medium ones but immediately when I saw them I knew they were going to be too big. I thought for my first swim paddles I use I'd go easy on my arms and shoulders and reordered the small ones, which are perfect. I think even if you're stronger than me and are new to paddles, it's good to get smaller ones because your arms are probably not used to the extra pressure.
    Overall, a really really sweet training addition, a lot of fun and I feel like I'm getting better and stronger a lot faster!



  • 1/27/2015 Good feeling and help me a lot

    rating star By Dilania

    Help me to improve the technique

    Miami, FL


  • 1/18/2015 Recommended product

    rating star By Travis T.

    Me: How do you like your new paddles?
    12 year old daughter : I love them!

    Travis T.
    Huntsville, TX


  • 1/11/2015 Daughter loves them

    rating star By Travis T.

    Competitive swimmer.  12 year old daughter uses them at practice.  Loves them.  Get the small.

    Travis T.
    Huntsville, TX


  • 12/17/2014 Good size

    rating star By James

    The smaller paddles offer another type of workout compared with the larger model. I like to use both large and small during my workouts.

    Toledo, OH


  • 12/17/2014 great paddles

    rating star By James

    They offer a great workout.

    Toledo, OH


  • 10/18/2014 Great Paddles

    rating star By Frank

    The paddles are exactly the size and shape as described.   They performed well in the water and help your stroke as anticipated.   Great investment for adding strength to arm and chest muscles while swimming.

    Waynesboro VA


  • 6/11/2014 Too Big

    rating star By Coach

    I bought the medium for my 13 yr old girl.  These are too big for me, let alone her.  The paddles themselves are fine, just too big.

    Warrenton, VA


  • 6/4/2014 Good product

    rating star By Jim

    I bought the red (large) paddles and the white (small) versions to vary my workouts; both are good buys and very effective.

    Toledo, Ohio


  • 6/1/2014 5 Use report

    rating star By drdaniels3

    The design concept works. They function correctly.

    There were no product instructions for installing the straps, leading to customer experimentation to install the straps. The straps were short, so short one could not install them as in the product pictures and have enough length left to allow one to slip their hands under the straps.

    The shortness of the straps limits experimentation of their placement.

    Such stinginess with relatively inexpensive straps shows poor marketing judgment.

    Belmont Shore, Los Angeles County, California


  • 9/16/2013 Good Qulaity and easy to use and fit

    rating star By Paul

    Easy to fit for various hand sizes.  I have a stronger upper body so I got the large but if your new or smaller don't get to large a size.

    Statesville, NC


  • 7/14/2013 Good training aid

    rating star By Triswim

    Simple design and comfortable to use

    St Paul, MN


  • 6/19/2013 Excellent- feeling stronger than ever

    rating star By Monika

    Excellent product. Great for mid distance and long distance pulling sets.



  • 3/6/2013 Large is for experts only

    rating star By Michael M.

    Great training device. Paddles "insist" that you start and finish your pull correctly. The "large" paddles are very large and unforgiving. Unless you're a top awimmer, you should probably size down. These are great for form and strength. Highly recommend.

    Michael M.


  • 1/23/2013 good for pulls

    rating star By Louis

    The recommendations for sizing were accuate. Work great.

    Jenks, OK


  • 1/3/2013 improve your stroke, go faster

    rating star By Diane

    The new TYR paddles are great!  I had been using an older version.  On my first workout after I started using the new paddles, my time improved for the portion of the workout that I used the paddles.  On my second workout, my times improved on the sets that I didn't use the paddles.



  • 12/28/2012 They work

    rating star By SuperDave

    Every major swim company has some sort of swim paddles. It tellsme that they work if used properly. I'm 6"1" with big hands and the large looked too big when I took them out of the package. After trying them on - they weren't. The black tubing holds tight against your skin without loosening. I swam 300m. It took a few laps before I felt comfortable witht them. Expect to be breathing heavier after using them. They help with hand entry - if you're not crisp they'll throw your hand off to the side. They also encourage high elbow. If you start to lower your elbow, you'll get immediate feedback. If you are newer to swimming, don't buy the large - start smaller. (Even you men.)



  • 12/22/2012 Excellent for Swim Stroke Improvement

    rating star By mommaduke

    My son was having trouble keeping his freestyle strokes consistent. These paddles helped him feel the pull and reach through the water and his freestyle stroke improved. Also great for building up muscle for a more powerful strokes.

    Cape Cod, MA


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