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SportCount LapCounter

SportCount LapCounter Reviews

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  • 6/18/2014 It's Easy To Use and IT WORKS

    rating star By MrPhat40

    Just received the SportCount Lap counter. It is very easy to use, fits well and works. I wear the device on the middle finger of my left hand, upside down. I find the button easier to get to with my thumb when worn in this fashion When worn in this manner I do not notice the unit.
    I can now swim my laps and allow my mind to wander free of having to keep track of those laps. As a result I find myself doing more laps, seemingly at  a faster clip.
    The back of the unit reveals screws which may allow access to the battery. Not sure if the battery replacement is end-user serviceable  or not but will find out when that time comes.
    Good Luck and Keep on Swimming



  • 10/16/2015 Lapcounter

    rating star By Chris Barritt

    I'm a newbie swimmer so I can do Sprint Triathlons, but cannot remember how many laps I swim each session since I'm concentrating on my form. This little device seemed like an easy solution. My only complaint about it would be it takes a SOLID push on the button for it to register. I usually use the other hand to ensure it registers.  Other than that it does what I need it to do. If I was a more accomplished swimmer & could do flip turns then maybe I would get something fancier, but for now it does the job inexpensively.

    Chris Barritt
    Mt Airy, MD


  • 8/25/2015 Handy little gadget

    rating star By Sara

    I've used this a few times so far and am very pleased.  So far, it stays on my finger just fine & I haven't had any issues pressing the button to get laps to register.  For the price, this lap counter is a great value.



  • 7/30/2015 Great counter.

    rating star By Vegas Swimmer

    We have a short lap pool.  This counter works great for that sole purpose.  You can feel a slight click so you know you've recorded a lap without looking at the display.  It's contoured on the back so it won't roll around on your finger.

    Vegas Swimmer
    Las Vegas, NV


  • 5/31/2014 Great product

    rating star By Leah

    This product is working very well for me. I swim laps three days a week and usually pray as I swim. I was having trouble keeping count, but with this product I am on count perfectly. Would definitely purchase again.



  • 3/28/2014 SportCount Lap Counter

    rating star By Bruce

    Make sure it is tight on your finger or it will slip off.  Numbers hard to see through swim goggles.  Button difficult to press to count laps.  All in all not worth it

    Boulder, CO


  • 1/19/2014 Works fine

    rating star By Anonymous

    Works fine but-like counting in your head- you have to remember to click after each lsp.

    Medford, NJ


  • 12/5/2013 Most useful piece of lap gear

    rating star By Jodie

    This item is one that makes me really really happy. It is small, simple, efficient and lets me enjoy my laps. Now, I am only tense about losing my lap counter not about losing count of my laps.

    Huntington WV


  • 11/23/2013 Functional, have design suggestion.

    rating star By CA

    Dependable and easy to operate. Stays firmly on finger. I would prefer if the button didn't require as much pressure as it does to depress for counting the laps. Because of the firmness with which one must press, it takes focus off the swimming momentarily and some laps are not counted as the button is depressed sufficiently..



  • 10/29/2013 Awesome for lap counting

    rating star By stargirl65

    I use this for laps.  I used to always lose count when swimming.  Now my mind can wander and I only have to remember to hit the button on the turn.  It is adjustable and fits my small finger well , but can open up for a larger finger.  It only requires one hand to use which is great.

    Easton, MD


  • 9/10/2013 Love It !

    rating star By g.cox

    It works perfectly !  I can concentrate on swimming and not counting.
    I wear it on my middle finger, left hand and it's easy to click.



  • 7/31/2013 Does the job

    rating star By Sue S

    Great basic lap counter.   My mind wanders when I'm swimming, so I needed something to help keep me honest and make sure I completed my workout.   Operation is simple...I wear the counter on my index finger, facing my palm.   Button is easy to press with my thumb when I reach the end of a lap.

    Sue S
    Santa Clara


  • 6/1/2012 Quality Issues

    rating star By Wayne

    The first one of these I got lasted for 20 laps, and then the screen froze with all digits showing '8'.  The next day, the screen was OK again, and I tried it again, this time getting to 7 laps before the same problem appeared again.  I notified of my problem, and they sent a replacement right away.  Have used it a couple of times now, and so far it is working OK.  So, the quality may not be the greatest, but the customer service sure is.

    Glen Ellyn, IL


  • 12/12/2008 Problems with this item lap swimming

    rating star By J.D. Adams

    This was a great idea for those of you who need help remembering what lap you are on.  It was really good the first two days I used it.  It is small and not much of a bother while swimming, but did take some getting use to.  I usually swim at least one mile a day and in a 25 meter pool this is the ticket to counting your laps.  My problem arouse when exiting the pool on the 2nd day of using it.  I grabbed the rail to exit the pool and bumped it against the rail just enough for me to notice it.  Apparently it was enough to damage it and now it will display a zero but will not count the laps.  Great idea but needs to be durable enough to last.  grabbing a railing to exit a pool should not be damaging to it but it did die on me.  I would  considered this again in the future if it was more rugged for use.

    J.D. Adams
    Cedar City UT


  • 6/8/2016 Great simple product

    rating star By Scott

    Simple to use and very effective. This frees up your mind to focus on mechanics rather than counting.

    Sewell, NJ

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/6/2016 The lap counter works as promised

    rating star By David C.

    Easy to adjust to you finger, easy to use.

    Bottom line, it works.

    David C.
    Davenport, FL


  • 6/3/2016 Good product

    rating star By NKP

    Great for counting laps/lengths as long as you can remember to push the button! I'm too busy trying to remember how to breathe so I'll probably end up upgrading to a watch that counts laps automatically.

    Houston, TX


  • 5/20/2016 Great but did not last long

    rating star By Beach Gal

    This lap counter is easy to use, very comfortable on my finger and has helped me focus on my technique while swimming without having to worry about counting.  I love it! I purchased one in Nov 2015. Within 3-4 months of using about 3 times a week, the button started getting stuck after lap 20.  I contacted the company but they never called me back. Last month, I called Swim Outlet and asked them if there is a warranty on the item and they said yes.  They sent me a new one within 2 days and even supplied a return label for my defective lap counter.  I hope this one will last longer!

    Beach Gal
    Redondo Beach


  • 5/19/2016 Great Product!

    rating star By Lap Swimmer

    Comfortable, light, easy to use, accurate, convenient, adjustable, very helpful.

    Lap Swimmer


  • 12/13/2015 No more counting, yay!

    rating star By Beach gal

    This lap counter does exactly what it says.  I am an ex-competitive swimmer who hasn't swam in 30 years.  To rehab my shoulder after a rotator cuff surgery, I decided to swim 3x a week. I am doing well, but I found it cumbersome to have to polish up my technique, breathing, turns, check the time and....count laps!  It got really frustrating when my goal is to swim 80-100 laps (25m pool).  All I have to remember to do is to click the button at every turn. If I forgot to do it at one turn, I simply click it twice at the next turn as the odd and even numbers will be your guide (if it makes any sense).  Also, the device on my finger did not interfere with my swimming at all, except when I'm am trying to use finger paddles.

    Beach gal
    Redondo Beach


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