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Sporti Antifog Cabo Goggle

Sporti Antifog Cabo Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (190 Reviews)

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  • 7/29/2014 Chunky but awesome

    rating star By Monica

    Not the sleekest or most refined goggle but they are comfortable and do a great job.  Good peripheral vision, nice cushioning around the eyes, and you can't beat the price.

    Huntington Beach, CA


  • 7/29/2014 A good buy for me...

    rating star By Rodney M.

    I swim over 4 miles/week.   These are sharp goggles with a decent fit, good value for the money...

    Rodney M.
    Columbia, MD


  • 7/2/2014 Awesome goggles!

    rating star By Robert D

    Nice goggles, perfect for the kids and their summer time fun. Would purchase them again a heartbeat. Thanks, Swimoutlet. Great service, nice shipping time. And very reasonable pricing!

    Robert D
    Black Mountain, NC


  • 2/4/2014 Best goggles I own

    rating star By Stacie H

    Glad I took a chance on Sporti and got these when they were on clearance.  They fit really well and I love them the most of all my goggles because the eye window is quite large, compared to others I've owned.  Also, I have a smaller size head (I could wear youth goggles if I chose to) and the fact that the nose piece is molded rubber is perfect for my face.  Often, if it's hard plastic, those goggles won't fit me.  The goggles come in a nice case with mesh so they can dry out and breathe; the case has lasted over a year, too.  I also like the straps because they are infinitely adjustable.  I've had them for over a year now, swim three times a week,  and couldn't be happier with them.  Well, I could, if they had clear lenses, but that's a personal choice.

    Stacie H
    New Orleans, LA


  • 1/24/2014 Cabo Goggles

    rating star By Michael L.

    Actually I got these goggles for taking on vacation. When they came I was amazed at the quality, especially since their cost was so reasonable. I cannot take them and never used them. You see my cat ate my goggles. She loved them! She has good taste so I'm sure that if you bought these, you'd think they were the best swim goggles ever. If they ever have free shipping I will buy two pair but I get to keep mine this time.

    Michael L.


  • 12/29/2013 Daughter loves it

    rating star By Mohamd S.

    Fits great for 11 years old daughter. She likes it.

    Mohamd S.
    Calgary, AB


  • 12/14/2013 Great Bargain

    rating star By Dennis S.

    These are my favorite goggles for Masters workouts 3-4 times a week. The anti-fog works well and lasts at least as long as others I've tried and is easily extended with anti-fog solutions. Field of view is wide and comfort is great. The non-adjustable nose bridge fits me well, but may not for those with very narrow or wide bridges.

    Dennis S.
    Seabeck, WA


  • 12/5/2013 Best fitting goggles for my head!

    rating star By George

    Ordered several sets of Cabos as i lost my first ones at a triathlon. tried other Sporti models and other name brand goggles and find the Cabo to be the best fit for my head/eyes: no leaks, comfortable, and the anti-fog seems to work better and longer than other goggles i have tried. i hope they never change or phase out the Cabo!

    Richmond, VA


  • 11/28/2013 Great practice goggles

    rating star By Swim Daddy

    Great price for the goggles. ($4.95) A bit steep for the shipping. ($4.99)

    Swim Daddy
    Portland, OR


  • 11/13/2013 Great value

    rating star By Ken

    Needed a new pair of goggles for daily swim in a low lit pool at night. Seem better then more expensive ones I have owned in the past, with a wider field of view.   They could use a bit longer strap, I'm almost at the limit but they fit me fine,

    Woodstock, NH


  • 9/13/2013 Comfortable and Water-Tight

    rating star By David R.

    Fit well, easy to adjust.  Wide view.  I only use these for now.

    David R.
    Austin, TX


  • 8/12/2013 Great Product

    rating star By Amy W.

    My son uses the goggles for summer swim practice  and will also use them for his school winter swim season.

    Amy W.
    Keeseville, NY


  • 7/28/2013 work great for us

    rating star By Linda S.

    These may seem nothing out of the ordinary, but the shape fits my 8 year old daughter's face perfectly. We have a bag of 10 or 12 other brands that leak or are uncomfortable. They look cool too.

    Linda S.


  • 7/28/2013 I love these goggles

    rating star By Shana N.

    these fit my face well, don't leak and are easy to adjust. This is like my 5th pair of these cause apparently my boyfriend had decided these are his favorite too and he takes mine. So I bought 2 pair this time, the pink and green ones cause I know he won't be caught dead wearing those and another pair of black ones that i will hide.

    Shana N.
    Plaquemine, LA


  • 6/11/2013 Great for wide eyes

    rating star By Kelley T

    My son has wide set eyes and loves these.  They fit great and come in "cool" colors.  My only concern is that I cannot attach bungees when the strap gets worn.  But the unibody frame works like a charm for a little one who takes them on a off constantly.

    Kelley T
    Uniondale, NY


  • 4/24/2016 Very comfortable, but blurry vision

    rating star By Melissa

    I've been swimming almost every day and needed a pair of goggles that didn't leak or hurt my face. I tried the Speedo Vanquishers for women but even with the three different nose pieces they still leaked and were uncomfortable. These Sporti Cabo goggles are great for comfort and so far stick to my face without leaking.

    The only down side is (like a few other reviewers) my vision underwater isn't as clear as out of the water. I can still see, but it's distorted. That may be because of the wider peripheral vision of this pair since the Vanquishers were smaller in that regard and didn't have this problem. For me, it's no biggie. But someone who needs to check times on a watch would have a lot of difficulty. For that I give the goggles 4 stars instead of 5. Not the sleekest pair as far as looks, but I'll take comfort and not having to empty water out of my goggles after each lap over looks every time.



  • 12/16/2015 Google vision

    rating star By Francisco

    The vision out of the water is great, but the view in the water is blurred. It is better than a fully fogged lens, but not ideal.

    Shoreview, MN


  • 12/13/2015 👍

    rating star By Nolis




  • 11/16/2015 Not So Great

    rating star By Swim Mom

    My son says that these have to be uncomfortably tight to keep the water out and he doesn't like the rubber straps (non- removable/replaceable).  He won't use them.

    Swim Mom


  • 11/14/2015 Awesome

    rating star By Rolando

    Like the goggles the color and the way it looks and can't wait to use in the pool love the variety.

    Los Angeles


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