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PEDI-LITE Spineboard Kit
Pro-Lite Spineboard
Pro-Lite Economy Best Strap System
Pro-Lite Disposable Speed Clip Straps - Set of 3
Pro-Lite Disposable Straps - Set of 3
Pro-Lite Speed Clip Straps
PRO-ECO Spineboard
Pro-Lite Best Strap System
Pro-Lite Pediatric Head Immobilizer
Pro-Lite Universal Head Immobilizer
PRO-ECO Spineboard with 8 Pins
PEDI-LITE Spineboard
Pro-Lite Spineboard with 8 Pins
Pro-Lite XT Spineboard
Pro-Lite XT Spineboard with 8 Pins
Pro-Lite 18 XT Spineboard
Pro-Lite 18 XT Spineboard with 8 Pins
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ABOUT Pro-Lite

Pro-Lite™ specializes in rapid deployment products for lifeguards and rescue professionals. The company is owned by paramedics and firefighters and prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality spineboards and spineboard accessories in the United States. Pro-Lite spineboards are designed by emergency responders for emergency responders, who use the products they sell.

Pro-Lite Spineboard designs incorporate small details that make a big difference. Unlike other spineboards, Pro-Lite spineboards mimic the natural curvature of the human body, making for better patient centering, less padding requirements and more efficient storage. Pro-Lite head immobilizers are incredibly easy to use, long lasting and buoyant. Any lifeguard team will appreciate the care that has gone into the design of Pro-Lite's water rescure products.

Pro-Lite spineboards, Pro-Lite head immobilizers, and Pro-Lite strap systems are durable, easy to use and designed by people who have performed hundreds of water rescues. Pro-Lite ensures that lifeguards, EMTs and other rescue professionals will only need to worry about the task on hand – not their gear – when using Pro-Lite products.