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Poolmaster Beach/Pool Ball 16
Poolmaster 36 Eco Tube
Poolmaster Aqua Fun 24 Print Swim Ring
Poolmaster 48 Neon Frost Swim Tube
Poolmaster Aqua Fun Vinyl Mattress
Poolmaster Penguin Swim Tube
Poolmaster Waterproof Personal Accessory Case
Poolmaster Water POP Circular Lounge
Poolmaster Aqua Fun Baby Sitter
Poolmaster Adjustable Chaise Floating Lounge
Poolmaster 24 Beach Ball
Poolmaster Hammock Water Lounger
Poolmaster Stingray Child/Junior Swim Set (Ages 2 to 8 yrs)
Poolmaster 36 Polka Dot Swim Tube
Poolmaster Squeeze Squirters
Poolmaster French Classic Pool Lounger
Poolmaster Dog Swim Vest
Poolmaster Paradise Chair
Poolmaster Coastal Breeze Mesh Chair
Poolmaster Inflatable Fish Swim Tube
Poolmaster 33 Sitting Penquin
Poolmaster French Pocket Mattress
Poolmaster Pearl Series French Classic Pool Lounger
Poolmaster Pirate Ship with Action Squirter
Poolmaster Suntanner Mattress
Poolmaster Mediterranean Jr/Youth Mask
Poolmaster 48 Bright Colors Circles Pool Tube
Rock 'N Roller Fun Float
Poolmaster 60 Giant Inflatable Play Ball
Poolmaster Dolphin Baby Seat
Poolmaster Alligator Jumbo Rider
Poolmaster Deluxe Bellows Foot Pump w/ High Volume Hose
Poolmaster Graffiti Fun Noodle
Poolmaster 50 Hurricane Sport Tube
Poolmaster SeaHorse Jumbo Rider
Poolmaster Whale Jumbo Rider
Poolmaster Transportation Baby Riders
Poolmaster 28 Swan Pool Decor
Poolmaster Polar Bar Refreshment Float
Poolmaster Deluxe Ladder Mattress
Poolmaster Giant 36 Multi Print Beach Ball
Poolmaster Classic Lounges
Poolmaster Tropics Island Fun Tube
Poolmaster Sub Aqua Islander
Poolmaster Water Pop Deluxe Lounge
Poolmaster Eco Lounge
Poolmaster Islander Two Person Boat
Poolmaster 54 Wild Fun Giant Sport Tube
Poolmaster Hole-Y Cow Island
Poolmaster Hampton Lounge
Poolmaster Jr. Roller
Poolmaster Little Lady Buggy Baby Seat With Canopy
Poolmaster Aqua Fun Bump 'N' Squirt Tube
Poolmaster French Pocket Convertible Island
Poolmaster Luxury Lounge W/ MP3 Pocket
Poolmaster French Cooling Island
Poolmaster Club Island
Poolmaster Junior Combo Swim Set (3-8yrs)
Poolmaster Deluxe French Lounge
Poolmaster Duo Circular Lounge
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ABOUT Poolmaster

For over 40 years, Poolmaster™ has created the best water accessories in the market. A leader in the industry, Poolmaster develops a variety of flotation toys and devices for adults and children.

It has a wide assortment of inflatable chairs, loungers, and rings in a variety of sizes. Pool games including paddle ball, kids' water bombs, and floating basketball games are perfect for hours of pool time entertainment.

Poolmaster also produces pool chemical test kids, inflatable pumps, thermometers and snorkel sets. From pool inflatables to toys to spa and pool maintenance, Poolmasters' unique and extensive collection of products has everything you need.