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UltrAspire Revolution Racing Vest UltrAspire Revolution Racing Vest

UltrAspire Revolution Racing Vest

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  • The UltrAspire™ Revolution Racing Vest has plenty of storage for more running fuel or a spare water bottle.

    Fabric & Fit

    • Left mesh pocket over the inner pocket for holding climate-change accessories.
    • Compresses with cord for a close fit.

    Features & Benefits

    • One 26oz water bottle included.
    • Race vest is inspired by Elite Immortals™ Dana Miller and Jeff Browning.
    • Ideal for runners who prefer to hand hold their hydration and carry a spare or have a pack that carries bottles.
    • Quick stash pocket on the right.
    • Large enough for a spare bottle or other running essentials.
    • Waterproof Magnon Electrolyte Pocket™ is patent pending.
    • Has an easy worry-free magnet for secure closure.
    • Ideal to keep pills or supplements dry and close.
    • Side webbing attachments are adjustable.
    • Zippered closure for security.
    • Can also hold energy bars or other necessities.
    • Provision pouch™ to hold an extra handheld bottle or up to 26oz bottle on 1 side.
    • On the other side there is an elastic entry pantry for easy-to-reach foods.
    • Quick stash at the upper back area has plenty of room.
    • Compresses to store a jacket, raingear or other light clothing.
    • Sternum strap is sliding for the right fit.
    • Light-weight zippers for easy unzipping with gloves or cold fingers.
    • Weight: 260 grams.
    • Imported.




The journey of the Ultra-Athlete begins with desire, a compelling need to go beyond the last point of return…and then some…and more…and so on, and so on… In a world with the possibility of endless power and potential – You supply the Aspiration, we’ll supply the products to keep the perspiration flowing. UltrAspire is another fine brand of Elite Creators LLC.

Elite Creators mission is to bring principles of our philosophy together in the search to provide ultimate solutions. This is represented in our logo by the symbol Phi, the Golden Ratio (1.618), an expression respectively found in nature and universe, correlating with the Fibonacci sequence, and which minds such as Pythagoras, Euclid, Da Vinci and Kepler contemplated. It is reflected in science, music, art and architecture, the petals of flowers, seashells and the seeds of plants. It denotes harmony, order, functionality and the creative force infusing our products with optimal performance and a correlating experience approaching perfection.