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Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager- 22 Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager- 22

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager- 22"

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    Sore muscles will be easy to workout either alone or with a workout buddy and the Tiger Tail™ Rolling Muscle Massager. The longer length is ideal for partners or larger athletes.


    • Hand-held foam roller for massaging.
            - Helps relieve knots, muscle aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness.
            - Helps ease sore muscle pain in 4 minutes or less.
            - Aids in muscle recovery.
            - Pressure is consistent and even.
    • Ideal for all levels.
            - Convenient and easy to use: no need to roll uncomfortably on the ground.
            - Works on a variety of different muscles: neck, shoulder, arms, upper and lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, shins, feet and others.
            - Seen in 85% of training rooms for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS.
            - Use before an exercise to warm up muscles: 15-30 seconds per muscle group.
            - Use during the workout to relieve cramps and aches.
            - Use after the workout for a total-body work down for muscle recovery.
    • Designed so your fingers and hands won't become sore from use.
            - Thumb tool is built into the grippers so you can do spot-specific work.
    • Foam: easy to clean with antibacterial gel or spray.
            - Non-porous, zero rubber or latex, non-deteriorating and closed-cell foam for durability.
            - Cushioned for a comfortable and smooth roll.
            - Won't pinch the skin, pull out hair or snag on the clothing to create discomfort.
            - Won't collect skin flakes or other debris.
    • Portable to travel with or pack in a gym bag.
    • 22 inch ideal for massaging with a partner, back massage, less-flexible people and larger people.
            - Can also be used by yourself.
    • Length: 22 inches.
            - 14 inches of massage surface.
            - 2- 4 inch handles.
    • Durable design: won't bend so you can apply as much (or as little) pressure as you need.
    • 3 year, no hassle, warranty.
    • Patent pending.
    • Made in USA.



Tiger Tail

As a young inventor, Spring Faussett started ordering parts online and putting them together. What came to be was this strange new "human rolling pin" that she called Tiger Tail, which was created in her garage using materials she found online and at Home Depot. The name, which comes from the colors of the product, reminded Faussett of a tiger and how a tiger's tail is straight, powerful and represented balance. Now, Tiger Tail is famously known worldwide as the orange and black muscle roller.

Faussett is neither a physical therapist nor a massage therapis, but rather an athlete who had a whole lot of pain from all the sports she chose to play. One year, after tearing her ACL, she opted to harvest her own hamstring to do the repair. Her therapists recommended a foam roller or a rolling pin to help reduce the pain and heal the scar tissue. Neither worked and she wondered what would happen if she crossed a rolling pin with a foam roller and the Tiger Tail was born. To this day, Tiger Tail is still Made in USA and each Tiger Tail goes through Faussett’s original production process to ensure quality.