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The Power: Strength and Conditioning for Triathletes DVD

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    Having coached and competed in more than 130 triathlons (including 10 "Ironman" triathlons), JR Rosania understands the strength and conditioning needs for this intensive endurance sport. In The Power: Strength and Conditioning for Triathletes Rosania shares his wealth of knowledge in a three-part presentation. In Part 1, JR shares the program's components, key workout factors, and program goals. In Part 2, he teaches and demonstrates over 30 exercises designed to improve overall strength, function, and muscular endurance of triathlon-specific muscles with the residual benefits of increasing range of motion, muscle tone, power output, and decreasing the chance of injury from training. In Part 3, Rosania shows how to appropriately select exercises from each group to create your own quick, concise and highly efficient program designed to be done two or three times weekly. Rosania's program is specifically designed for minimal equipment needs that include: a pair of light and heavy dumbbells, exercise tubing, a 10-inch high bench, a Swiss ball, a medicine ball, and a timer.

    Part 1:
    • Program components
    • Key workout factors
    • Program goals

    Part 2:
    • Demonstrations of over 30 exercises
    • Improve overall strength
    • Improve muscular endurance of triathlon-specific muscles
    • Increase range of motion, muscle tone, and power output
    • Decrease the chance of injury from training

    Part 3:
    • How to select exercises from each group
    • Create your own concise and efficient program
        - Designed to be done two or three times weekly
    • Sample of a detailed weekly workout plan

    • 39 minutes
    • 2005



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