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Strokemax Antipaddle Small Strokemax Antipaddle Small

Strokemax Antipaddle Small

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    The Strokemax Antipaddle Small is a revolutionary new training device that will change the way you think about improving your swimming technique. The anti-paddle effectively reduces the volume of water that you can push with your hands, and the result is that your hands are forced to become more sensitive to position and technique as you naturally seek out the most efficient underwater hand movements. This anti-paddle decreases stroke resistance by up to 20 %, which not only helps to improve your technique, but also reduces the likelihood that you'll sustain a shoulder injury; a major drawback of conventional paddles. Whether you're an age-grouper or looking to make the Olympic Trials cuts, a Masters competitor or an open water enthusiast, training with the anti-paddle will make you a better, more efficient swimmer.


    • Small size.
    • Scientifically-tested design.
    • Reduces resistance by 20%.
    • Encourages better hand technique.
    • Customizable weight.
    • Unique water-bearing weight system.
    • Adjustable rubberized tubing straps for a perfect fit.




Our company "StrokeMAX" was founded in January, 2009 by two Olympic swimmers and Phil Whitten, the well-known swimming journalist, former Harvard University professor and former Executive Director of the CSCAA. Our technical advisor is David Marsh, former head coach at Auburn University and currently the CEO/Director of Coaching at SwimMAC Carolina. Coach Marsh has used earlier, experimental models of the antipaddles successfully for years. Our goal is to create and provide additional, new training tools that will help you to optimize your training and competitive performance.