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Sacred Space XL Healing Note F Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl 8"

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Meditate in absolute relaxation with this XL Healing Grade F Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl 8". With an aesthetically pleasing warm bronze patina and a light, mid-range tone, this bowl is useful and beautiful.





  • Healing grade singing bowl.
  • Sings with extreme ease.
  • Long-lasting tone.
  • Includes wooden striker tool and pillow.
  • Designed for: yoga, meditation, relaxation, healing
  • Note: F
  • Etching/Design: bronze patina
  • Dimensions: 8" in diameter; 3.5" high; 4mm rim thickness
  • Weight:2 lbs., 7.2 oz.
  • Keywords: yoga, meditation, singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowl, F, grade F, healing tone F, relaxation, bronze, healing grade



Sacred Space

The sacred singing bowls are one of the best ways to help you completely relax and achieve a true mindfulness while practicing yoga. When lightly struck, these bowls will produce a beautiful tone that will help produce positive brain waves and as many state, help heal and calm the mind. Lightly tracing the rim of the bowl will produce a longer tone that will be very beneficial to whoever hears the sound. Though a bowl in shape, these bowls are actually just different shaped bells that produce sounds when struck. Originating from Tibet, these bowls have been used in many groups for religious reasons, calming sensations and to help heal wounded individuals.

There are two main versions of these bowls that are produced to this day, the traditional method and the modern method. The modern method is created by using a brass alloy and sand casting and the traditional method is made by hand hammering. If you wish to truly round out your experience with yoga and a complete mindfulness then these bowls are a wonderful addition. These are beneficial during your Savasana at the end or beginning of your yoga journey. A singing bowl would be especially helpful to someone who may be teaching a class and would like to calm the minds of the students who are attending. These singing bowls emit a melodic tone that will have your mind calm within minutes and is worth the addition for the authenticity of your true yoga experience.