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Prestan Professional Child CPR-AED Training Manikin & Kit

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    Prestan™'s Professional Child CPR-AED Training Manikin and Kit is a reliable, high-quality kit that includes all the tools needed for child CPR-AED training.

    • Prestan manikin imitates actual human head movements.
    • Manikin is designed with unique "clicker" mechanism that helps students achieve correct chest compression depth.
    • Easy to transport and set up at training sites.
    • Face-shield lung bags are easy to insert and secure without adhesives.
    • Realistic manikins provide true chest rise and face/head tilt for a valuable and accurate training experience.
    • Includes 10 face-shield lung bags and nylon carrying case.



Prestan Professional

Prestan Professional produces training devices and emergency response equipment for rescue professionals, from EMTs to lifeguards. Their products are high quality yet affordable, making it possible for instructors and facility managers to acquire the resources they need for appropriate rescue training. Pools and aquatic facilities of all kinds will find their training products valuable additions.

Prestan Professional's realistic adult-, child- and infant-sized manikins allow rescue professionals - from pools, to beaches, to lakes and rivers and beyond - to practice CPR and AED skills in true-to-life situations. Unique technology like the Prestan Professional CPR rate monitor gives real-time feedback on lifeguarding students' performance, making it possible for instructors to monitor multiple students at once. Manikins also mimic lifelike head tilt and lung expansion for precise training.

There are a variety of packages available, from single Prestan Professional manikins to multiple, most of which include face masks and convenient carrying cases. Prestan Professional face shields and Prestan Professional lung bag packs also make it easy for instructors to replace or restock supplies in preparation for large classes. All in all, Prestan Professionals training equipment is designed to help pools, lifeguards, instructors and students learn (or teach) CPR and other rescue skills quickly, easily and accurately.