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Portable Water Polo Scoreboard & Control Console

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SKU: PortableWaterPoloScoreboardPac
Product Code: 28231

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    The portable Portable Water Polo Scoreboard & Control Console by Daktronics™ is easily transported and can be used for many sports.


    • Displays home score, guest score, period and time.
    • Horn mounted behind scoreboard face is sounded automatically when period clock counts down, or manually by the operator.
    • Scoreboard comes completely assembled.
    • Optional logo or sponsor panels.
    • Metal front cover for additional protection.
    • Wheeled base allows for easy transportation.
    • 2'10''H x 4'4''W x 8''D. Maximum height of 5'2'' for improved viewing.
    • Aluminum construction, semi-gloss black finish, captions are white vinyl.

    Control Console

    • Wireless and handheld.
    • Handheld console operates using a 900 MHz radio with internal antennae, and has a range of 500' and 15 selectable channels.
    • Case and sealed membrane keyboard make console face water resistant.
    • Rechargeable Ni-MH 2000 mAh battery provides 8-10 hours of continuous operation.
    • 97'' x 32'' Liquid Crystal display.




Daktronics™ is a leading supplier around the word in scoreboards, timing systems and video displays for large and small athletic facilities. Their LED technology and sounds systems enhance spectators' experience and make it possible for competitions, meets and events to run smoothly. Since 1968, Daktronics products have been welcome additions on pool decks during swim meets, at water polo games, on playing fields and more.

Daktronics products are high-quality, durable scoring systems designed to facilitate officials, players, and spectators. Daktronics scoreboards and timing equipment comes in a wide variety of models, making it easy for each team or facility to find the package that best fits their needs. Basic versions are perfect for facilities that need simple time and scoring displays, while more complex models can be used across a variety of sports. Especially in the worlds of swim meets and water polo games, Daktronics scoring and shot clock packages are increasingly popular choices.

Daktronics horn start packages and scoreboards are perfect for starting and announcing needs at swim meets, while their scoreboards and desk setups make it possible for pools to run multiple water polo games simultaneously, if needed. Accessories in the form of announcement systems, Daktronics shot clocks, wireless capability, Daktronics tripods and Daktronics speaker systems make it possible for users to customize a setup that works best for their needs. Daktronics technology continues to hold its ground as reliable, durable equipment that gets the job done.