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Paddlebuoy Two Piece Paddle

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SKU: LS 2 Piece
Product Code: 30097

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Paddlebuoy™'s Two Piece Paddle can be broken in half for a those with limited storage space.

• Shaft separates in half for easy storage and transport.
• Sun and weather resistant.
• Lightweight and durable.
• Compatible with Paddlebuoy paddle boards and kayaks.
• 78'' L, with a 1.25'' Aluminum shaft and 8'' W curved paddles.

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Since 1975 Paddlebuoy™ has been supplying the public with the very best in water safety and recreational equipment. Based out of Elk Rapids, Michigan, Paddlebuoy produces paddleboards and paddles used all over the world by lifeguards, resorts, summer camps, the military, the Red Cross, kids and more. Paddlebuoy paddleboards can be used outside of the rescue sphere as kayaks, as standup paddleboards or simply as a fun floating toy.

Made out of Polystyrene foam with aluminum tubing, Paddlebuoy's paddleboards are lightweight, fast, and durable. Because of their stability and buoyancy (up to 380 pounds), they are a staple for open water guards everywhere. A common site at rivers, lakes and beaches, Paddlebuoy's paddleboards give lifeguards the ability to quickly and safely reach victims far from shore. The low cost of Paddlebuoy products also makes it easy for aquatic facility managers to keep their staff fully equipped.

Paddlebuoy boards come in a variety of models, with different exterior treatments. Some models can be outfitted with Paddlebuoy mooring eyes for easy tethering. For those who want to increase their speed on a paddleboard, Paddlebuoy one-piece paddles, cross trainer paddles and two-piece paddles make great accessories.