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Ocean Potion Sport Sunblock SPF 30 128oz

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With high water and sweat resistance this Ocean Potion® Sport Sunblock Lotion gives you no excuse to stay indoors!

• Great for athletes looking to stay active when the sun is shining bright.
• SPF 30 sun protection.
• Water and sweat resistant.
• Oil-free, non-greasy formula dries quickly.
• Vitamin D fortified and Paraben-free.
• Forfitied with Parsol® and Solaplex™.
• 128 fluid oz.



Ocean Potion

Ocean Potion™, founded in 1989 by Gary DeAngelo of Sun & Skin Care Research Inc., traces its roots back to Virginia where beach stores were the primary customary. After spending years succeeding in this industry, DeAngelo moved the company to Florida in 1994 to expand its line of sunscreen and skin care products. DeAngelo, the CEO and owner, was determined to make an impact, not only in the sun care product industry, but in people's lives.

Aside from offering, high quality sunscreen at an affordable price, Ocean Potion prides themselves on creating their entire line in-house. Everything from mixing their special formula to carefully packaging each product and stocking the shelves, Ocean Potion is there every step of the way to ensure their customers get only their very best. That's why their "Sport" and "After Sun" line has been so well-received by the public.

As such, despite their continued growth, Ocean Potion continues to dedicate themselves to the innovation and quality that this company was founded on. Every day they commit themselves to discovering new, better ways to moisturize, protect, and keep skin looking and feeling healthy. They've gone on to produce lip balm, moisturizer, sport sunscreen and even aloe vera lotion for burn relief. Any new venture they take on, they fully commit themselves to. Which is why you can expect the same great quality control from any new product they release.