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New Balance Adjustable Ankle Support

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    The New Balance™ Adjustable Ankle Support creates a custom fit to support and compress the ankle area.

    • Supports the ankle.
        - Compression relief to increase blood flow, which improves recovery rate.
        - Helps decrease muscle fatigue and strain.
        - Lightweight.
        - Adjustable / flexible with a bottom and top strap to create a customized fit.
        - Assists with enhancing your performance.
    • Thermal therapy: keeps the area warm while decreasing muscle tension.
    • Embedded with Titanium helps the body with its natural healing process.
    • Adjustable: available in 1 size.
    • Imported.



New Balance

Founded in 1906, the New Balance Arch Support Company began as a Boston-based shoe manufacturer. In the decades since, New Balance has shifted its focus and grown to become a leading global athletic products company.

Since the days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, New Balance has been a brand concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete. The company asserts that part of producing superior footwear and athletic apparel is manufacturing it to fit all widths and sizes, because a better fit produces better comfort and performance.

The company also prides itself on a commitment to domestic production and operates five factories in the northeast United States. As a result, 25 percent of all New Balance products are manufactured domestically.

In recent years, New Balance has made significant strides in athletic apparel. The company boasts a more progressive approach to active fashion with innovative fabrics and features, an attractive color palette, and timeless designs. New Balance now features a large collection of garments, including everything from technical running shoes to athletic workout attire. Engineered to be versatile and durable, New Balance apparel incorporates advanced moisture management liners, breathable microfibers, and water-resistant coatings to provide the ultimate in comfort and weather protection.

New Balance has experienced significant growth recently, in part because of its commitment to high-quality women's workout clothes. The company features collections of workout pants, shorts, and capris, as well as short sleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, and tank tops. This includes the popular "Tempo" and "Adapter" lines of clothing. In all of its apparel and gear, New Balance strives for the perfect balance of comfort, style, and function.