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Lady Cremo Cream Shaving Cream 6oz

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  • Unlike many foamy shaving creams and gels that are mostly air and inactive ingredients, Cremo Cream contains very unique, super-lubricating, highly-slippery molecules that have been specially compounded with other truly powerful skin conditioners to make your blade glide smoothly over your skin.
    Cremo Cream effectively reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes and razor irritation while helping your hairs stick out and stand up straight so your blade cuts them more deeply, giving you the closest and most comfortable shave possible.

    • Reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes and razor irritation  
    • Gives you the closest, longest lasting shave
    • Leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth
    • Nourishes and moisturizes your skin
    • Highly concentrated formula
    • Paraben free



Cremo Cream

Mike Boone, an engineer and entrepreneur, came up with the formula behind Cremo Cream™. As opposed to a shave gel or foam, which contains air, Cremo Shave Cream does not rely on air as a lubricant. Most people who use Cremo Shave Cream notice how slick it feels during the shave. In addition to virtually no cuts, Cream Cream states that the shave will last longer.

Some of its most unique and impressive ingredients in Cremo Shave Cream are macadamia nut oil, marigold flower extract, aloe vera leaf juice, and papaya fruit extract. These ingredients act as moisturizers and skin conditioners, with wound healing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Instead of glycerin, the sticky ingredient that most other shave creams use, Cremo Shave Cream uses xylitol, a natural substitute for sugar that lies in fruits and vegetables. It emulsifies and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and without irritation.

Cremo Cream has a few other impressive qualities: It is not tested on animals and it does not contain parabens, air or trace ingredients. Enjoy a smoother, longer-lasting shave with the company that has reinvented shave cream, Cremo Shave Cream.