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Human Kinetics Triathlon Training Human Kinetics Triathlon Training Human Kinetics Triathlon Training

Human Kinetics Triathlon Training

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No matter what distance you are training for, Triathlon Training offers the expert guidance you need to improve your race performance from start to finish. Triathlon Training contains six race-specific programs: two for sprint distances, two for Olympic distances, one for the half Ironman, and one for the Ironman. The sprint and Olympic programs include target race times to help you choose the best program for yourself, based on your ability level. A full-color book with more than 200 photos, Triathlon Training was developed in consultation with USA Triathlon and the British Triathlon Association. Whether you are considering your first triathlon or are committing yourself to Ironman competition, this book will help put you on the path to a successful finish.

Table of Contents:

• Chapter 1: Introduction
Origins of triathlon; Ironman and its first stars; demystifying the jargon; basic principles of training
• Chapter 2: Get the right gear
Latest gear for all three disciplines; setup and getting the most from your bike; improving your times with aero gizmos
• Chapter 3: Swim, cycle, run
Gym strength routine; techniques, drills and top tips for each discipline; active stretch routine; handling transitions
• Chapter 4: Tackling your training
Mind power; heart-rate monitors; logbooks; solid training build-up; 6 day-to-day training programs from Sprint Distance to Ironman
• Chapter 5: Nutrition in triathlon
The triathlete's diet; pre- and post-race recovery; carbo-loading; healthy eating; supplementation
• Chapter 6: Race day
Check list; detailed advice on how to handle each leg; tips for faster transitions
• Chapter 7: Aches and pains
Recognizing overtraining; common injuries for each discipline and how to treat them
• Chapter 8: The world's great races
5 of the world's most memorable triathlon events
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Human Kinetics
Along with physically training for sport or exercise, studying theory and learning psychological technique is an integral part of progressing in your discipline. Human Kinetics provides in-depth literature for swimming exercise and fitness training, maternity swimming, learning how to swim, teaching water safety and lifeguard essentials. Human Kinetics recognizes that some people learn by reading words, while some prefer action and images; this line of illustrative and informative reading materials contains ample pictures and exercises, and is bound to be beneficial for all swimmers, no matter whether you are a novice or an advanced competitor.