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Human Kinetics Championship Swim Training Human Kinetics Championship Swim Training Human Kinetics Championship Swim Training

Human Kinetics Championship Swim Training

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    Whether you're a coach looking to develop your program or a swimmer seeking to improve your technique, you'll benefit from swim coaching legend Bill Sweetenham's proven methods for improving performance in the backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, and individual medley. Sweetenham has coached 63 top swimmers in international competitions to 27 Olympic and World Championship medals.

    Beginning with Sweetenham's five golden rules for swimming, Championship Swim Training is divided into two parts. Part I, Technique Drills and Sets, is designed to help pinpoint stroke deficiencies and improve stroke technique as well as sculling, starts, turns, finishes, and kick and pull training. Part II, Workouts and Programs, details the best way to plan the long-term development of juniors through masters swimmers, covers the critical tapering phase to get swimmers ready for competition, and provides detailed racing strategies.

    Table of Contents:

    Part I: Technique Drills and Sets
    Chapter 1. Training Systems
    Chapter 2. Benchmark Test Sets
    Chapter 3. Drilling for Performance
    Chapter 4. Butterfly
    Chapter 5. Backstroke
    Chapter 6. Breaststroke
    Chapter 7. Freestyle
    Chapter 8. Individual Medley
    Chapter 9. Sculling
    Chapter 10. Starts, Turns, and Finishes
    Chapter 11. Kick and Pull Training

    Part II: Workouts and Programs
    Chapter 12. Program Planning
    Chapter 13. Training Zone Sets
    Chapter 14. Tapering for Competition
    Chapter 15. Dryland Conditioning
    Chapter 16. Program Evaluation



Human Kinetics

Along with physically training for sport or exercise, studying theory and learning psychological technique is an integral part of progressing in your discipline. Human Kinetics provides in-depth literature for swimming exercise and fitness training, maternity swimming, learning how to swim, teaching water safety and lifeguard essentials. Human Kinetics recognizes that some people learn by reading words, while some prefer action and images; this line of illustrative and informative reading materials contains ample pictures and exercises, and is bound to be beneficial for all swimmers, no matter whether you are a novice or an advanced competitor.