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HED Jet 4 Flamme Rouge Front Wheel 700c Clincher 23mm x 45mm, SCT Carbon HED Jet 4 Flamme Rouge Front Wheel 700c Clincher 23mm x 45mm, SCT Carbon HED Jet 4 Flamme Rouge Front Wheel 700c Clincher 23mm x 45mm, SCT Carbon

HED Jet 4 Flamme Rouge Front Wheel 700c Clincher 23mm x 45mm, SCT Carbon

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  • The Jet 4 Flamme Rouge (FR) wheels represent the finest clincher aero wheel technology in the world. It's built with aerodynamics that can win Kona and a weight that can put your bike below the UCI legal limit. The 2011 edition features 1K carbon aero sections (saving 30g per rim), stadium C2 outer rim, hub hardware, new rear wheel lacing pattern, and a new grease port rear hub.

    Since the introduction of the C2 platform in 2008, Hed has experienced a dramatic improvement over previous designs: aero drag was reduced substantially and the use of wider tires dramatically improved cornering. Stability Control Technology (SCT) is Hed's proprietary rim profile tuning process. Each rim depth is shaped for lowest aero drag and fine-tuned to maximize stability in crosswinds.

    • Lightweight and unidirectional carbon aero section.
    • 18 front and 24 rear silver bladed spokes.
    • Carbon FR Sonic hubs.
    • Rear hub grease port with aluminum port cap.
    • Titanium skewer, rim tape and valve extender included.
    • Rider weight limit 190lbs.
    • Stallion build available for riders 191-225lbs.
    • Weight: 723 grams.
    • Width: 23mm.
    • Depth: 45mm.
    • Imported.



HED Cycling

Back in 1984 Steve Hed started his company by building disc wheels. At that time, Hed was the only company that made them affordable to the masses. With his wind tunnel experience and solid manufacturing knowledge, it became obvious to Steve that his disc wheel provided a huge aerodynamic advantage. Using them for front wheels, however, created steering problems that sometimes could be outright catastrophic. In order to solve this problem, Steve simply invented the deep section carbon wheel that we all see today. In hindsight this seems like a simple solution but back in the 80's it was quite revolutionary.

Over the past 26 years, Steve Hed has spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available. When it comes to wheels, the end goal is simply to make them as fast as possible. It may sound easy but the journey to building the world's fastest wheels is a complicated one. In the pursuit of speed, Steve continually pushes the envelope to its fullest; no stone is left unturned. Hed is known for building the world's most aerodynamic wheels, a title that all wheel companies wish they could claim. Most people do not realize that Hed goes a lot further than just aerodynamics to bring you the fastest wheels on earth. Other important issues such as tire performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability, comfort, quality control, carbon fiber manipulation, and weight are also carefully considered. Each wheel addresses these aspects in different ways and this is truly where the art of True Speed is born.