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Go Swim Open Water with Fran Crippen

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    Learn 6-time USA national champion and World Championship medalist Fran Crippen’s secrets to mastering fast freestyle in the open water.

    • 5 key focus points for fast, efficient freestyle.
    • Advice on how to stay long and smooth, improve your catch and pull, develop your kick, tweak your body position, and train for distance and speed.
    • Ways to practice open-water skills in the pool.
    • Camera angles from side, head-on, below, and rear, and from above and below the surface.
    • Zoom in for slow-motion and freeze frame footage to see how to do complete each aspect of the stroke.
    • Race starts from the beach for from in the water.
    • Dolphin diving
    • Maneuvering through waves.
    • Sighting.
    • Turning at the buoys.
    • Drafting.
    • Passing.
    • Staying aware.
    • Reading the pack.
    • Finishing strong.



Go Swim

Go Swim consists of a collective group of swimmers, artists, producers and writers that work together to help you swim your best. Their collection of educational DVD's are meant help you reach your personal potential whether your swim professionally or not. Whether you're looking to improve your breaststroke or learn the butterfly from the best, trust Go Swim to get you across the finish line faster than ever before.