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GeoPalz Soccer Ball v2 Pedometer for Kids GeoPalz Soccer Ball v2 Pedometer for Kids

GeoPalz Soccer Ball v2 Pedometer for Kids

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Keep your kids healthy and happy with this sporty GeoPalz™ soccer ball pedometer: perfect for soccer practice. They wear it, run around, log in their steps and trade the number of steps in online for free prizes.  

• Wear the GeoPalz while active, then log the steps number in at their website for free.
• Use your registration key to sign online and record your activity in exchange for points.
    - Turn in points for free prizes: gift cards, sports toys and credits from big brands like Target, iTunes, REI PlayStation Farmville and Club Penguin.
    - As you go, you can earn rewards and certificates that you can print out and hang.
    - In the virtual world, your GeoPalz is your virtual guide who will give advice, instructions and tips.
    - The number of steps you log in affects how far you can move on the virtual map. The farther you go, the more you can see upcoming prizes and awards.
• Digital pedometer.
• MVPA; intense play tracking.
• Can store up to 21 days.
• Can be worn on the hip or on a shoe.
    - Has a clip in the back.
    - Comes with a leash and clip for a secure grip while playing.
• Comes with instructions.
    - Unique registration key.
• No USB port and it is not wireless.
• Parents can track activity for the entire family on their website.
    - Allows you to track steps taken, height, weight, calories burned and calories consumed.  
• Ages 5 and up.
• Measures 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
• 98% accurate.
• Imported.