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FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel

FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel

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    FINIS™' Swimmers Snorkel is specifically designed to help swimmers concentrate on their head position and body alignment by removing the head movements required for breathing. This snorkel is ideal for swimmers with neck and back issues, allowing for a tucked head position during training.


    • Helps swimmers with neck and back issues navigate the water.
    • 1-way purge valve allows for quick water release.
    • Snorkel head strap is easily adjustable and fits all sizes.
    • Elliptical shape minimizes drag.
    • V02 Max: Increases aerobic capacity.
    • Center-Mount Design: Relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique.
    • One-Way Purge Valve: Allows for clear and easy breathing.
    • Hydrodynamic Design: Worn with swim goggles promotes proper head and body position.
    • Front Positioning: Swim at slower speeds with perfect stability.
    • Adjustable Head Bracket: Can be worn in conjunction with swim cap or goggles.
    • Stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns.
    • Silicone Mouth Piece: Soft, comfortable and flexible medical grade silicone.
    • Injection-molded Thermoplastic and medical grade Silicone.
    • Dimensions: 1''W x 21''L.
    • Weight: .5 lb.

    Additional Information: How to Clean the Purge Valve

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  • 4.5 star rating (388 Reviews)

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  • 2/22/2011 Great!

    rating star By Elizabeth

    Just used this for first time and I love it.  Thought it might be difficult to get used to, but really wasn't.  Definitely need a nose clip along with it.  Love how it helps me focus on stroke technique by removing the turning to breath component.  And i feel like I am using my lungs more efficiently.  I often have neck pain, aggravated by turning my head to breath.  No neck pain after swimming with the snorkel!  Fantastic!

    Atkinson, NH

  • 10/16/2010 Saw it; tried it; love it....

    rating star By JMC

    Mainly used swimming laps - due to upper back injury years ago I cannot swim with my head at an angle to be out of the water. This is the only snorkel that allows me to swim, for an extended time, without water getting into it.

    Vancouver, WA

  • 10/16/2014 Pluses and Minuses

    rating star By Marilyn R.

    I purchased this item after asking the swim pro at my club about it.  She recommended it.  At the same time I purchased goggles.  What I did not purchase was a nose clip that I find is absolutely necessary for me.

    I just started swimming regularly for exercise, about a mile each time and  was using a snorkel and mask due to back problems.  I never had any problems with water up my nose as a young swimmer and had never used a nose clip.  The first time I used the Finis I had copious amounts of drainage, both during the swim and for the rest of the day afterwards.  Off I went to a sporting goods store and purchased a nose clip.  I would not recommend the Speedo "Liquid Comfort" clip as it would not stay on my very average-sized nose.  Returned that one and found the Speedo "Competition" on-line (it wasn't available at the local store).  Ordered it and I've found that It stays in place.

    However, I am finding that by the end of a swim, even with the nose clip, that I have a stinging sensation in my nose/sinuses and after the swim I have drainage.  I assume this has to do with water pressure, etc.

    So bottom line is that I will continue to use the Finis but don't find it much of an improvement over my old mask and snorkel.

    Marilyn R.
    Larkspur, CA

  • 6/20/2014 Pretty Good So Far

    rating star By Tom S.

    Much more comfortable than what was produced years ago.  Takes some getting used to, but that's the swimmers work.  Obviously well engineered and put together to fit.  Really wanted to get the freestyle snorkel, but it seemed to still be in a beta version (from its reviews).

    Tom S.
    Bogart, GA

  • 6/15/2014 Finally learning to be as one with my snorkel

    rating star By Evilwatersprite

    I'm a former competitive age group -- and now masters -- swimmer who usually works out solo before going to the office -- about 12-15 miles a week, all four strokes. I love my pool toys  -- my gear bag is full of them. But for the longest time, my snorkel was the exception and rarely left my bag. I kind of hated it, actually. The weird part is I have no trouble breathing, to either side. I don't even mind hypoxic sets. I LOVE underwater work. So why did the snorkel always send me into panic mode?!?

    I have declared this the Summer of Snorkel and decided I am finally going to learn to get comfortable with it. I am finally having a breakthrough.  Here's what did it:

    I went back and watched the how-to video again and realized it's perfectly OK to exhale through the nose. (Bye-bye, nose clip. I never liked you anyway.)

    I also save my snorkel work until the end of my workout, and spend more time with it on the weekends when I'm not in a hurry. I know the work is already done and any work I do with the snorkel is just gravy. Those two factors helped me relax a lot.

    I start with 25s of kicking, either with the alignment kickboard or without (streamline or head-lead), then progress to drills and full-stroke free.  Finally, I do 25s starting from mid-pool and practice flip turns and purging. (Only recommend doing this when you have the lane to yourself.)

    Hoping I can begin integrating the snorkel into my main sets in the next month or so.

    Alexandria, VA

  • 5/28/2014 FABULOUS!

    rating star By Britt

    Most of my spine is fused, and swimming had been nearly impossible. This snorkel has changed everything. Funny, people at the pool who see me use it (and it does look silly, I'm sure) are interested in getting one themselves.

    Stamford, CT

  • 12/22/2013 Much improved technology

    rating star By Robin

    I bought the similar product a couple years ago.  This product is leaps and bounds improved. The older product was a harder plastic and bigger mouthpiece.  I had to stop after every lap to clear the water.  This product I can do my 50 laps and never take the mouthpiece out of my mouth. The few times water got in it was expelled as I was swimming through the filter. Also, the mouthpiece is a softer plastic and sits much more comfortably in my mouth.  My other one, older model, I left at another location probably won't be used again.  A joy to use!!  Thank you for improving this product so much.

    Fairfield, CT

  • 12/2/2013 Finis makes great products

    rating star By Christopher H.

    Use it to examine strokes during warmup and cool down. I also use it in lieu of a kickboard. Improved many parts of my strokes. I would recomend for anyone looking to improve breath control as well

    Christopher H.
    Colorado Springs , CO

  • 11/23/2013 Wonderful product for swimmers with neck problems

    rating star By Lisbeth

    Told about this snorkel by my PT who is a swimmer.  I have arthritis in my neck and was not advised to turn my head.  Before purchasing,I spoke to a Master's coach at our gym.  He was extremely enthusiastic about the product.  Took one session in the pool to get used to it, but now am very pleased.  I do freestyle and breast stroke laps with no problem.  I do not do kick turns.  For me, a nose clip is not necessary.


  • 7/29/2013 Symmetry in strength development

    rating star By BryinSiam

    Especially great for persons with shoulder problems needing to avoid head turning.  Ostensibly for symmetrical strength development.  The purge valve on this model is a lifesaver!

    Khon Kaen, Thailand

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FINIS is Latin for "The End" or "Finale", and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line. Founded in 1993, FINIS provides highly technical competition suits, training equipment, child water-safety products and high end goggles. Their very popular SwiMP3 water-proof digital media player is revolutionary in its streamlined design, enabling a swimmer to listen to music while practicing laps and other exercises in the pool.