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FINIS Shooter Monofin

Product Rating   Product Rating  6 customer reviews|50% say too small
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The Shooter Monofin allows for quick kicking action. It is designed to simulate race pace kick tempo and develop power in your kick. Swimming butterfly for longer periods of time is now easier without suffering from stroke decay. Use of the monofin is recommended for butterfly, breaststroke arm recovery drills, backstroke underwater work and swim starts and turns.

• Recommended for ages 12 and older
• 20" x 18",
• Stiff blade

* Boot color varies depending on size


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  • 5 star rating (Based on 6 Reviews)
    50% of Fit Survey Respondents said this item "Feels too small"
    33% of Fit Survey Respondents said this item "Feels true to size"
    17% of Fit Survey Respondents said this item "Feels too big"

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  • rating star
    By from
    on 4/10/2010
    Feels too big

    First the Bad; For those who are 12 and above the "twin-bootee" is Open-Toes, which means the edge by your toes digs into your foot. Ouch! So I ordered the TYR neoprene booties to help with fit and comfort.  I feel I don't have the connection with the fin with my toes all hanging out there. The Good: You have to learn how to use the fin, only the right technique will get results, however its a small learning curve. On the surface with fly kicks, the power comes from your core, not the knees, keeping the blade underwater and keeping the knees locked worked the best for me, it forces me to use muscles that I didn't know I had!  It is easier to do fly kicks on your back and SDK Underwater. You have to get the surface kick down first before you try to do fly. All in all I used the fin 2 -3 times a week in my normal sprint training workouts, it has already made my UW SDK's faster for BK and my fly kicks more powerful. Its a worthwhile investment if your serious about improving your fly kick

  • rating star
    By from
    on 1/7/2010
    Feels true to size

    I where a size woman’s 9 ½ but got the XL. It is a little big but works fine. I could do my workout for fly with no problem. It just get’s some getting use to. Learn more go to

  • rating star
    By from
    on 4/1/2009
    Feels too small

    Excellent training tool for developing kicking technique as well as leg and core strength.  Forces body into proper alignment when training.  Fin size allows for good kick tempo and swimming speed.  Initially best used UNDERWATER due to surface resistance.  Surface training is difficult.  This fin is not practical as an "assist" for extended lap swimming as are other types of fins intended for use with flutter kick.  Excellent build quality although sizing felt less than true as due most fins.  Suggest purchase of at least one size larger than range that includes normal shoe size.  Use with fin socks to provide good fit and avoid chaffing.  Fiberglass blade is rounded and all edges are smoothed off.  However, does pose risk of injury to other swimmers if struck by blade.  Should not be used while sharing lane.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 12/6/2012
    Feels too small

    I was able to use the fin one time for about 10 minutes before the blood to my feet were cut off... I have a 10.5 foot and I got the X Large so I had to return it and I getting the XXLarge...

    That said, that Monofin is WoW fast and what at workout

    I have one for my 10 yr old and she loves it too


  • rating star
    By from
    on 8/1/2012
    Feels true to size

    I am loving my fin and hope to have the competitor model one day when money allows. This is a great fin and provides a lot of power in the water. About the fit...I m a size 10.5 and with I had ordered the XXL. The XL fits good without the neoprene swim socks I bought. With the speedo swim socks it is very tight and I cannot wear for long periods. I need the swim socks otherwise the chafing on my skin is too great. I"m going to try the thinner nylon socks which are thinner.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 8/20/2009
    Feels too small

    I just got this thing yesterday and had a blast with it before practice.
    I have a serious issues with kicking, i dont like to do it. but i could allready feel a pretty big difference after using it for such a short time.  I have a very strong fly pull but my kick has always lacked a whole lot. we did a set of 6 100 fly with fins and i was flying throught it, definetly got a lot more of my chest out of the water. after we did that set we did with out and I was cookin in that set, usually for me its tough to get through a set like that, but i could fell huge improvements in the overall quality of my stroke.

    It does however fit pretty small, i wear size 13 shoes and it would be a strech to get a size 16 foot in there like it suggests it will fit. On the plus side a lot of the kids on my swim club with smaller feet can definetly use it.

    I am very happy with the product and its a great tool for anyone trying to make improvements on dolphin kicking. I didnt notice that it was difficult to swim on the top of the water like the other review said


FINIS is Latin for "The End" or "Finale", and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line. Founded in 1993, FINIS provides highly technical competition suits, training equipment, child water-safety products and high end goggles. Their very popular SwiMP3 water-proof digital media player is revolutionary in its streamlined design, enabling a swimmer to listen to music while practicing laps and other exercises in the pool.