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Fast Swimmin Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches Book Fast Swimmin Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches Book

Fast Swimmin Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches Book

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    Get creative with your practices by adding games, gimmicks, and challenges.

    • Over 600 ideas that have been proven by coaches nationwide.
    • Ideal for any age group.
    • Utilizes creativity and science to make practices fun and educational.
    • Offers set lists, drills, team building ideas, and dryland workouts.
    • 360 pages.



Fast Swimmin

Fast Swimmin™'s book "Games, Gimmicks, Challenges for Coaches" serves as a resource for coaches and swimmers who want to take their performance to the next level. With contributions from over 500 coaches, the combined amount of coaching experience between the covers of this book is astounding. This collection of swim drills and coaching tactics are compiled by Bob Steele, a 46-year veteran swim coach who has coached every level of swimmer, from age group to Olympian.

Fast Swimmin's "Games, Gimmicks, Challenges for Coaches" includes information and advice for swimmers and coaches of all kinds. Some of the swim drills target sprinters, others distance swimmers. There are specific swim set and interval suggestions, as well as advice on dryland and weight training for swimmers. Team-focused exercises look at goal setting, race visualization, motivation and swim meet tapering strategies. The book also reminds coaches to keep swim practice fun, and includes swim games that everyone, from the youngest age-groupers to Masters swimmers, will enjoy.

Bob Steele's Fast Swimmin "Games, Gimmicks, Challenges for Coaches" book serves as a valuable source of information for anyone who has to help groups of swimmers reach their potential. Coaches never have to feel uninspired at a practice again; all they have to do is pick and choose from the swim drills, teambuilding exercises, swim sets or motivational swimming exercises at their fingertips. With hundreds of coaching exercises and swim drills from hundreds of coaches, there is something for every kind of swim instructor in this book.